Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rares Coming Back?

     I'm pretty sure 90% of Jammers know that Gazelle Horns came back, in every single colour! They aren't even worth an Epic Wonders item anymore! But how do you Jammers feel about it? 

Are you upset? 
Are you overjoyed? 
Do you not care? 
How do you think this will impact on the Animal Jam community? Do you think that rare people would quit? 
Do you think more rares will come back? If so, are you happy?
Are you quitting Animal Jam because of this? 
Are you playing more of Animal Jam because of this?
Do you think there will be less scams?

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Julian2's Channel Is Gone

     Julian2's channel is deleted. It happened a few days ago, and lots of Julian2 fans are super angry and depressed. Julian2 said Twinkle0122 and LilacPetal hacked him because he told them his password. So, Twinkle0122 and LilacPetal get the blame, but did they really do it? There's no proof that they've sinned. According to Twinkle0122, Julian2 didn't care about his viewers, but only for the money. He kept continuing to make videos because he wanted the loot. So maybe deleting his channel was actually a good thing. Apparently, Julian2 seems like an angel, but is a demon on the inside.

     I know a lot of Jammers are super mad at Twinkle0122. They've even been unsubscribing to her YouTube channel. In fact, some people are even quitting just because Julian2's channel is gone. I think this is pure nonsense. Like, did you just join Animal Jam just for Julian2's channel? Did your Animal Jam life depend on Julian2? Julian2 is solely a person, nothing more. So I don't understand why everything he does has to affect you, too. Jammers depend on Julian2, I don't know why. He's basically a god. Also, I have no idea why people are super upset. There are a million other channels out there that have the video style of Julian2. So why don't you subscribe to one of them? The pros of this situation is that other people's channels get a chance at the spotlight, instead of just Julian2. Say, for example, you type, Animal Jam in the YouTube search bar. Most of the videos will be by Julian2. But since he's gone, more Jammers get to get more views and the glory they deserve.

     If you're quitting because of Julian2 quitting, that is a very immature and stubborn attitude. Like I said above, did your life really depend on a person? If it did, don't. Whatever they do, and you do, it's like you are their slave, being moved around at their whim. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rhino Helmet

     Rhino Helmets were quite valuable BETAs before they came out in the Forgotten Desert Adventure. Jammers say they look good on bunnies, but honestly, I think they look bad on any animal. This item comes in 8 colours: gray, white, black, pink, purple, green, yellow, and brown. The least rarest is the black one, and the rarest is the brown. They are worth:

Black - Pink Mechanical Angel Helmet (a little less), Pink Forest Walls, Zios Sculpture, 4 Headdresses, Rare Long Spike Wristband (certain colours)

Gray - Tan Mechanical Angel Helmet, Black Shag Carpet, Mira Statue, Yellow Sweets, Rare Short Spike Collar (certain colours)

White - Blue Mechanical Angel Helmet, Green Mechanical Angel Helmet, Rare Long Spike Collar (certain colours), Pigtails (red)

Pink - Gazelle Horns (pink), Rare Short Spike Collar (certain colours), Pigtails (pink, yellow), 2 Bubble-Tron 5,000s, Black Beard with red tip

Green - Open Sign, Rare Long Spike Collar (certain colours), Pigtails (red), Gazelle Horns (green), Mechanical Angel Helmet (green)

Yellow - 2 Yellow Sweets, Pot O' Gems, Pigtails (yellow), 2 Planet Walls, 2 Blue Shag Carpet, Rare Short Spike Collar (certain colours)

Purple - 2-3 Blue Shag Carpets, Gazelle Horns (purple, maybe red), Purple Mechanical Angel Helmet (a little more), Rare Long Spike Collar (certain colours), Spaceship Gray (a little less)

Brown - Gazelle Horns (black), Rare Long Spike Collar (black, red), Spaceship Gray (a little more), Pigtails (black, a little more)

Rare: Rare Tie, Rare Headdress, Rare Mechanical Angel Helmet, Rare Beard, Rare Worn

Rhino Helmets

Rare Rhino Helmet