Sunday, June 30, 2013

Animal Jam - Scammers (List #2)

     This is my second post for scammers in Animal Jam. Keep watching out for them!

1. NorthernGenius
2. LegendaryNutella
3. xxpatrick2013xx
5. ASDF7741
6. coreylin20
7. hornsandpads
8. herobrien123
9. ImTrustWorthIsBack
10. yodude1212

These are the next 10 scammers I will update! Keep watching out for anyone!

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Beards

     Beards are not much of a famous rare in Animal Jam. But they are worth a lot! The non-rare Beard is WAY rarer than the Rare Beard. The Beards came out in 9 different colours: Orange with red, cream with silver, black with silver, black with red, pink with cream, light brown with red, brown with orange, gray with light blue, and gray with pink. The gray with pink beard is the least rarest beard, which was sold at the Leap Year Party, which comes every 4 years in Animal Jam. The Beard is a neck item, and was sold in the BETA days. The Orange Beard is the rarest item in Animal Jam. Trust me, these are worth way more than Long Black Spike Collars! There are only 2 known Orange Beards in the game owned by VisualEffects and infinitymagicheroisback. There is only 4 Cream Beards known in the game! Side note: The Black with Silver Beard is rarer than the Black with Red Beard. The Orange with Red, Cream with Silver, Pink with Cream, Black with Silver, Light Brown with Red, and the Brown with Orange Beards make it to the top 10 list for rare items in Animal Jam. If you have one of these Beards, you are definitely a very rare person! They are worth:

4 Founder Hats
4 Long Black Spike Collars
Light Purple Gazelle Horns
BETA Eyeball Hat
Other beards

     They aren't worth much because, as mentioned above, they are super rare, and not many items can get as rare as them. A Rare Beard is worth:
Rare Pigtails
Rare Mechanical Angel Helmet
Rare Tie (a bit more)
Rare Rhino Helmet


Rare Beard

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Scary Bat Wings

     Scary Bat Wings are a non-member version of the original Wings. It only came in 1 colour: black with orange tips. They were only available in October 2010, and now are one of the rarest items. You can win Scary Bat Wings in Sky High. The Scary Bat Wings' rarity has gone down like crazy. They used to be worth a Long Yellow Spike Collar, but now they're not even worth a Pirate Sword. A ton of people want these wings, especially non-members. But they rarity of the Scary Bat Wings might drop down because of the game Sky High, since you can win them there. If you have Scary Bat Wings, hang on to them until you get an overtrade for them (someone overtraded me a Pink Mechanical Angel Helmet, Arctic Hood, and some junk for my Scary Bat Wings). Some Jammers do not know that these Scary Bat Wings' rarity have gone down. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Mechanical Angel Helmets

     Mechanical Angel Helmets are very rare in Animal Jam. They are a cherished item for everyone. The non-rare version is way rarer than the rare version. Mechanical Angel Helmets are a headpiece for members only. The non-rare version came out in 4 different colours: light blue, pink, red with tan, and purple. There are also 4 unreleased colours: green, light pink, black, and lavender. There is a rare version of the helmet which is orange and yellow. Another version is the freedom version, called the Freedom Helmet. The Freedom Helmet is the least rare of all Mechanical Angel Helmets, and is the only non-member Mechanical Angel Helmet. The rare version of the Mechanical Angel Helmet is supposed to go with the Rare Mechanical Angel Wings. The non-rare version is a very collectible BETA. Here are what the Mechanical Angel Helmets are worth:

Light Blue Mechanical Angel Helmet: Long Spike Collar (certain colours)

Dark Purple Mechanical Angel Helmet: BETA Firepit

Pink Mechanical Angel Helmet: Pirate Sword (certain colours)

Red with tan Mechanical Angel Helmet: Fish Fountain and a Long Spike Wristband

Rare Mechanical Angel Helmet: Rare Pigtails and a small rare

Freedom Helmet: Rare Black Bow and Arrows and a small rare

Mechanical Angel Helmets BETA Colours

Alternate Mechanical Angel Helmets

Rare Mechanical Angel Helmet

Freedom Helmet

Animal Jam - Are BETAs Coming Back?

     This is MeiAn, and today I want to hear your opinion on if you want BETAs to come back or against the whole thing. 1 question: Are they coming back? Some BETAs have already came back such as the lei and teacup. I traded rare items for the teacup, and now they're worth nothing. I do want some BETAs such as the Art Easel or Blue Shag Carpet. I want them to come back, just for the look of my den in Animal Jam. Animal Jam isn't all about rares, so everyone should be supportive. Well, tell me what you think about this unknown update.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Party Hat

     The Rare Party Hat will be for the next rare I will talk about. There are 8 colours: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white. 6 of these colours are found in the rainbow. The Rare Party Hat is worn on the head. These are animated items, so when you wear one, streamers shoot out of the hat. It's quite a popular item, and has increased rarity. They were the monthly gift of January 2012. The Rare Red Party Hat is the rarest colour. These Rare Party Hats are worth more than Rare Bow and Arrows (except the Raspberry Rare Bow and Arrows). Here is what each colour are worth: 

Red - 2 Giant Lion Plushies, 1 Rare Party Hat + another okay-ish BETA, or add a little something to make it worth a Rare Cloud!

Orange - Black Rare Bow and Arrows 

Yellow - Freedom Helmet

Green - Rare Rhino Helmet + Rare Mechanical Angel Helmet

Blue - Freedom Wings 

Purple - Another Party Hat (certain colours) + a small BETA 

Pink - Rare Bow and Arrows + small BETA

White - Rare Giant Lion Plushie + Rare Bow and Arrows

These are the approximate values. Please comment down below if you know any of the actual values. I will be glad to update!

     I tried to trade a Freedom Helmet for a Blue Party Hat, but everyone I saw that had a Blue Party Hat declined. So in the end I gave up hope and traded my Freedom Helmet for a Rare Rhino Helmet. If you have a Rare Party Hat, hang on to them! They will dramatically increase in rarity. This item is also rarely seen on a Jammer's trade list.

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Horses Only Party

     The first party I will talk about is the Horses Only Party. You can purchase the Train Trotting music at that party. Also, you can buy Elf Bracelets there, which are a popular but not rare item in Animal Jam. The design of it is a barn den, with a BETA Rocking Horse on the top floor. The music for this party is Train Trottin'. You can also buy Train Trottin' in this party. You can also play Jamaa Derby at the party and get horseshoes as a carrying item (the thing that appears beside you when you click on it). This party also has a claw, which you can only win Horse Plushies in it. Clothing you can buy are Wings, Elf Bracelets, Unicorn Horns, Bonnets, Cowboy Hats, and Army Helmets there. For furniture, you can get Small Hay Bales, Horseshoe Rug, Hanging Horseshoes, Bags Of Feed, Barrel, and Sawhorses. There are pots, and cowboy-ish items at the Horses Only Party, which is a party for members only, even though some items are non-member. A popular attraction is the mud puddle, where many Jammers go in and become muddy and completely brown. In my opinion, I think it's the best designed party yet, as it brings out the true culture of the frontier days.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Viking Hat

     The Rare Viking Hat isn't a very rare item. This item comes in 8 colours: red, black, orange, aqua, white, pink, light blue, and mauve. People do not know this item is worth very little, just a little more than a Rare Bow and Arrow. They are all basically worth:

Rare Lion Plushie

Rare Party Hat
Fly Trap
Cat Banner (a little more)
Orange Gecko Plushie

Rare Bow and Arrows (a little more)
Glove (not the ones from Epic Wonders)
2 Nature Archways
Headdress (non-rare)
Rare Mechanical Angel Helmet (a little more)


Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Bubble-Tron 5000

     This post will be about the first underwater rare I will talk about: Rare Bubble-Tron 5000! Bubble-Tron 5000s are back items. These Bubble-Trons come in 9 colours: Red with purple, silver with pink, green with orange, teal, dark purple with yellow, brown with white, white with dark blue, pink with dark blue, and raspberry. Raspberry is supposed to be a very rare colour, because the Bubble-Tron colours changed into one of these. Not all are raspberry because the raspberry colour was actually a glitch colour, they just came with different gear colours. The Bubble-Tron 5000 glitched a lot, and not every member actually got one for their monthly gift. These items are rarely seen on people's trade lists, and their popularity would've gone up if they were land items, but they're an underwater clothing item. These Bubble-Tron 5000s are actually worth a good BETA, a Rare Cloud or 2, or even a Rare Spike Wristband. Due to the disappearance of raspberry coloured Bubble-Trons, it's now the rarest colour, and you would be very lucky to still have your colour as raspberry! Besides raspberry, red would be the rarest, but they do look good on underwater animals!

Rare Bubble-Tron 5000

Raspberry Coloured Bubble-Tron 5000s

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Spikes

     I've decided to do facts about a famous rare: spikes! The spikes are probably the most wanted rare, because of its looks. Despite its looks, it's still very rare for being the second monthly gift for Jammers! The Spike Collar is worn on the neck, while the Spike Wristbands are worn on the foot. The spike is split up into 2 categories: collars and wristbands. Spike Collars are rarer than the Spike Wristbands. The collar and wristband is also split into 2 categories: long and short, or as in the olden days, spiked (short) and spikey (long). The Short Spikes has the same length spikes on the collar, while the long ones have a pattern: long, short, long, short, and so on. This also goes for the Spike Wristbands. The long spikes are way rarer than the short kind. The rarest spike collar is the Long Black Spike Collar. As for the wristband is the Long Black Spike Wristband. These spikes are worth a ton. These are worth:

Black Gazelle Horns 
Worn Blankets
Pirate Swords
Mechanical Angel Helmets
Rare Clouds
Raspberry Bow and Arrows
BETA Robot
Open Sign
Blue Shag Carpet
Mira Statue
Zios Sculpture
Porch Swing
BETA Table
Brick Walls
BETA Rosebush
Spaceship Gray
Yellow Sweets
Rhino Helmets

     One of Animal Jam's most valuable possession are spikes. Most of my friends always dream for having one. I am not a big fan of spikes, but want one for their rare value. In my opinion, spikes are actually for jail uses; in the olden days, people use spikes like a punishment, but that's just my perspective. Spikes aren't in the top 10 rare list, since there are hundreds of thousands of them in the game. Spikes come in 8 colours: Black, red, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, and pink. I don't have a spike yet, maybe I'll get one, not really sure. Side note: Usually, people want you to overtrade for their spikes, because I traded Yellow Sweets for a Short Spike Collar, and people declined. That trade, to my knowledge, is a fair trade, yet like 100 Jammers declined. People keep telling me to add. If you have a spike, you are extremely lucky, because they are worth a lot!

Rare Long Spike Collars

Rare Short Spike Collars

Rare Long Spike Wristbands

Rare Short Spike Wristbands

Animal Jam - Rare and Famous Jammers (List #1)

     This is my first post for rare and famous Jammers in Animal Jam. Here is the list: 

1. Julian2 (Famous) - Very well known in Animal Jam, he does not qualify the top 10 rarest Jammers list. He is well known for his YouTube channel and does Mailtime. 

2. WootMoo (Famous and rare) - Very well known in Animal Jam, has many Animal Jam's prized possessions, may qualify for top 10 Jammers list. Julian2's well known friends. 

3. bepper (Famous) - Very well known in Animal Jam, probably because being the best friend of Julian2. She also does Mailtime and gets pretty good items. 

4. VisualEffects (Famous and rare) - He is on the top 10 list for rare Jammers. He has an Orange Beard, and many other rare items in Animal Jam. He has gotten more famous since word spread about the Orange Beard. 

5. pb234 (Rare) - Not very well known, has about 2 beards (maybe more). 

6. pandalove8 (Famous) - She is well known in Animal Jam. Her Mailtime videos are insane when she gets Short Spike Collars and other stuff. Her rarity dropped when IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIll (18 I's, 2 l's) scammed her Founder's Hat and Long Black Spike Collar by flash trade. 

7. LilacPetal (Famous) - One of Julian2's best friends. It seems like she give epic items to bepper for Mailtime. She is quite rare, but will not yet qualify for top 10 rarest Jammers. 

8. grimm5 (Famous) - Her nickname on Animal Jamgrimmy. People love to hang out with her, she is pretty rare, and is rare for being a popular friend of Julian2. But she won't qualify for the top 10 rarest Jammers. 

9. snowyclaw (Rare and famous) - She is very rare with a BETA Eyeball Hat and a BETA Creature Mask. She is quite famous, although some Jammers do not know her, and she will definitely qualify for the top 10 rarest Jammers. 

10. dens (Rare and a little famous) - He is pretty rare, with a beard, he is a little famous, thanks to his friendship with Julian2. 

These are the first 10 people I will talk about, I will post more! If your name isn't up there and you are very rare, do not despair! There are more lists to come! I will do my best for keeping up with rare news.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Bow and Arrows

      The next rare I will talk about is the Bow and Arrows. This item is worn on the back, and is one of the most popular items in the game. The rare ones come in 8 colours: Green, black, silver, orange, pink, purple, blue, and raspberry. The Raspberry Bow and Arrows is still unknown to many Jammers. It's the rarest bow and arrow, and worth a Pirate Sword (any colour) or Worn Blanket (any colour). These can be worth good BETAs, such as Yellow Sweets, Mira Statue, or Blue Shag Rug Carpet. It will decrease its rarity, since you can win Pirate Swords and Worn Blankets in Sky High. The Raspberry Bow and Arrow was given to some lucky Jammers as a Christmas present in 2012. (I think). The non-rare ones come in 7 colours: Brown, violet, purple, green, black, gold, green, and pink. The non-rare bow and arrow isn't worth very much. There is also a Golden Bow and Arrows that you can buy at Epic Wonders for 4,500 gems. The Golden Bow and Arrows are a member only item. These Bow and Arrows are actually very special to many Jammers.

Rare Bow and Arrows

Bow and Arrows

Golden Bow and Arrows

Animal Jam - Scammers (List #1)

     There are Jammers have been found in Jamaa scamming. They use many different tactics to scam a Jammer's prized rares. Watch out for these Jammers, as they tend to trick you!

1. chelsea1751
2. cesha123
3. AloeMlp
4. QueenOfDeclines
5. lovemycatMOCHA
6. Jammer956
7. magicman101
8. rosslynch4419
9. kitty07825
10. Awsomness5000

I will keep trying to catch more scammers in Jamaa! Keep an eye out for anyone, just to ensure the safety of your rares. 

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Pirate Sword

     The next rare is the Pirate Sword. The Pirate Sword is a non-member version of the original Sword, which is bought in Jam Mart in Jamaa Township. The Pirate Sword's colours are a bit different from the Sword. The red Pirate Sword is completely red, and the pink one is completely pink. The black version is a little darker on the sword's handles, but it's hard to notice it. The red version of the Pirate Sword is considered to be the rarest colour. Pirate Swords are usually used to scam by flashing it over and over again, then the Jammer does a member Sword, and you accept, thinking it's a non-member version of it. Pirate Swords are worth Long Spike Wristbands (any colour), and maybe even Short Spike Collars (certain colours). Pirate Swords are worth non-rare Worn Blankets, but not the pink or green ones. The orange or green Pirate Sword is probably the least rarest. These swords can also be won in Sky High, so they might drop their rarity, but will still be very rare.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Clouds

     The first rare I will talk about are the Rare Clouds. Rare Clouds are a furniture item, and bring out the weather of your den. Rare Clouds were the monthly gift of September 2011. Many Jammers want Rare Clouds, because it's a rare den item, and many people think it looks good in their den. The Rare Rainbow Cloud is the rarest cloud, but since it's in the Diamond Shop, people don't want them anymore. It's still the rarest cloud, but to many people, it dropped its rarity. Rainbow Cloud are considered to be the most unique cloud, since it's a tiny cloud with a rainbow beside it when you place it in your animal's den. The Rare Lightning Cloud is the second rarest cloud. Many people think it looks cool, so its rarity has gone up. Some people think the Rare Lightning Cloud is the rarest, but they have been mistaken. You usually see a lot of Lightning Clouds, but many people trade a lot for this type of cloud. Lightning Clouds also dropped rarity because of the Diamond Shop. The next cloud will be the Rare Snow Cloud. The Rare Snow Cloud has not been released in the Diamond Shop yet, and may become a very rare cloud someday. The Rare Snow Cloud has snow falling from it. Many Jammers put some sort of statue below the Rare Snow Cloud, so it looks like it's snowing on this statue. Rare Snow Clouds have increased its popularity ever since the Diamond Shop came out. The least rarest cloud is the Rare Rain Cloud. People use Rain Clouds for showers in their bathrooms. The Rare Rain Cloud is not much of a popular cloud. Any of these clouds are worth a Long Spike Wristband (certain colours), or Pink Worn Blankets. All in all, these Rare Clouds are a valuable possession in Animal Jam. 

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Welcome To My Animal Jam Blog!

     Welcome to my Animal Jam blog! I will post many things you do in Animal Jam here such as rare items, famous Jammers, scammers, updates, and much more. There are always polls which you can participate in! I'll keep posting, and I will take in all suggestions related to Animal Jam. If you want me to interview you, that option is available too! Hope you like my blog! Be sure to browse through the archives, and see what you like and don't like. Don't forget to leave feedback!