Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How Animal Jam Is Like The Economy

     Even though the currency of Animal Jam is the 'gem,' it doesn't hold much value and never fluctuates. However, many rares fluctuate in accordance to their quantity and demand. 

     The spike, once known to be one of the most wanted articles in all of Jamaa, became the pinnacle of the trading world and was given paramount respect and importance. Anyone who had owned one was more or less glorified by the Animal Jam community. However, as days wore on, and as the Adventures came to existence, the spike lost much of its zing, and with it, its rarity. Currently, many Jammers own a spike and have pointed their guns at other items, such as the headdress.

     Because the Adventures brought in so many spikes and greatly increased their number, Jammers didn't have a demand for them anymore, thus beginning to focus on another item that still conforms to the aesthetics of the animal. This new item seems to be the headdress because it looks nice and is moderately low in quantity.

     No one knows what these things will be worth in the near future. AJHQ may decide to bring back some of these items and perhaps something else will become the top of the food chain. Remember, these items are only rare because we as people put value to them; otherwise they're really just a bunch of clustered pixels.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Animal Jam - How To Get All The Achievements

     Getting all the achievements is something I, along with other Jammers, have always wanted to do. At least, when I first joined the game (and didn't know anything about it), the only thing I really cared for were achievements. Here are some tips to getting all (or most) of the achievements!

1. Play a game many times and purposely lose
Most of the achievements required you to play a game x number of times. By purposely losing, you will be able to obtain these achievements faster. Some games will require you to exit the entire game and rejoin to count it as '1' time. 

2. Practice
If you can't get a certain achievement, just keep playing it for hours, and you might eventually get it. I had to play Gem Breaker for 3-4 hours one day to get the achievement 'Gem Ace.' I consider this the most important tip.

3. Get a friend to help
Different people are good at different games, so it's best to test the talents of your friends. 

4. Get another account to help
Some achievements require you to win multiplayer games. To receive this achievement quickly and surely is just to get a spare account to lose to all the multiplayer games you play with them.

5. Have fun
If you don't have fun playing a game, it's difficult to gain that achievement (at least for me). Being unaware of the amount of achievements you have may result in more achievements. I remember playing Jamaa Derby for fun and getting all the achievements in under 2 days. Of course, you can force yourself to have fun playing a game you don't like, but you'll have to work around it. 

     There are some achievements that may need some help interpreting.
Jackpot! - Gem Ball: Winning a jackpot means to put your ball through all 3 Zios sculptures. A double jackpot means to do it 2 times in one game (which is pretty much based on luck). 
Super Streak! - Hedge Hog: No more than  about 6 phantoms appear on the screen at the same time, so you must activate the Power Crystals quickly. The time of the activation will become longer. Once you defeat the phantoms, more will appear. 
Mira Says! - Mira Says: To complete a full sequence, you must light up all the lights on the screen (orange, green, blue, purple. 
Go For The Gold! - Pill Bugs: You have to play Pill Bugs in hard mode and clear all the bugs in a level to get a gold bug. There are 6 sets in a level and 5 levels.

     To view your achievements, click on your player card, then click on the trophy icon beside the gem icon that displays the amount of your gems. 

     Here, you will be shown the achievements you have and don't have, how close you are to a certain achievement, and the amount of achievements you have. The maximum amount of achievements one can currently obtain is 242. 

     However, the achievement 'Answer The Call!', which could've been obtained by answering 15 Calls of the Wild is no longer available. The achievement has not been deleted yet like its cousins 'Herbology Expert' and 'Once of a Kind!' 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Glitched Turquoise Ring

     The Glitched Turquoise Ring is a pretty rare ring that is frequently overrated. These are worth a lot of good Spikes if you're trying to get them. Clearly, this item is not a fashion statement because it literally looks like an eyeball plastered onto a ring. Regardless, this item is pretty rare and wanted for its rarity (this is why it's often overrated). 

13-15 Long Spike Collars (good colours) 
3 BETA Tiaras + Founder's Hat (or another rare like that)
3 BETA Blankets + another smaller rare
2 Headdresses (a little more)
Phantom Rug (a little less)
Glitched Tan Cupid Wings + another smaller rare

     You can basically trade a mixture of these items and it'd still be worth it. Quantity-wise, this item is not extremely rare on Animal Jam, since I've seen so many people with these. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Animal Jam - How To Get Rare

     Clearly, being rare is an important part of self-worth in Animal Jam. With more rares comes with better status is what most Jammers live up to. Although they are just items on a game, sometimes used for decoration or achievement, many people want rares. These are some steps you can take to help your Jammer self to become rare. 

1. Participate in the Forgotten Desert adventure
Sorry, non-members, I'm afraid only members can access this one. The Forgotten Desert is a perfect way to win cool items, such as Spikes or Headdresses. Recommended that you go in teams of 3 or 4, it takes about 12 minutes to do. Granted, the chances of winning a legitimately rare item is very slim, but with enough attempts, you're bound to get something. 

2. Buy Rare Item Mondays
Let's be real, Rare Item Mondays are not usually rare. In fact, some of them look straight up bizarre! But, if you look at the Rare Headdress or the Rare Gazelle Horns, you'll see that even something you bought can really increase in value in a few years. It's basically holding onto an unpredictable stock; you win some, you lose some. 

3. Buy items going on clearance 
When items like the Straw Hat or Phantom Rug become rare, you know it's something you should do. Random items go rare so make sure to grab ever chance you get by buying random items. 

4. Buy seasonal items
Seasonal items may never come back again. Items like the Heart Ring became very rare after it went out of stores. The rarity of any item is bound to go up unexpectedly, so try your luck by buying some of your items. 

5. Buy items right when they come out
Although this seems like somewhat of a stupid tip, it's not. You never know when AJHQ releases a glitched item, so quickly buy items when they come out. If they are glitched, then you've hit the jackpot. 

6. Trade a lot
Trading seems like an awfully obvious thing to do to get rare. The thing is, you can't just trade for 1-2 hours a day. Nope, you must spend 5-6 hours a day trading. It may seem very tiring and a waste of time (frankly, it can be), but if you just undertraded for something, the only thing you'd feel is euphoria. 

7. Don't trust anyone
Scammers aren't threats if you don't give in their totally credible scams (you seriously have to be pretty stupid to fall for scams these days). Yes, scamming is a way of getting rare, but it's so hard nowadays since nobody falls for scams anymore. 

8. Enter giveaways
Find all the giveaway videos and enter them all. You're bound to win at least one of them. Although this is extremely time-consuming, this isn't a post about how to save time, it's about getting rares. 

It may take around 50-75 hours of playing just to get something small, but as time builds up, you'll get that Long Black Spike Collar for sure. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Things Animal Jam Should Add

     Animal Jam certainly needs a lot of polishing to do. These are my opinions on what Animal Jam should add to their game. 

1. Changing the colour of your animals
We all know you can change the colour of your animals by selecting colours that are already there. 

As you can see, you can only choose between 50 colours. That may sound like much, but it's definitely not compared to the many colours of visible light in the real world. I would like it if AJHQ added a colour wheel where we can input hex codes or you can simply move your cursor for the colour desired.

2. Changing the colour of your den
Seriously, why isn't this out yet? Since almost every Jammer makes their outfit a certain colour, we should do the same to dens. Therefore, we'd have pink, gray, red, blue, or even green dens. This would undeniably maximize den creativity. Again, it'd be amazing to choose your den colour from a colour wheel, as listed above. Dens should also have 2 colours to choose from, just like animals. 

3. Changing the colour of an item
I know one can change the colour of items by clicking the icon on the lower right hand side when you're purchasing an item. 

Usually, you can choose from 8 colours, but I think we should be able to use the colour wheel to choose the colour of an item. Also, we know that each animal can choose from 2 colours, 'colour 1' and 'colour 2.' Items should definitely have the same option. 

4. Changing the music in a den
There aren't many music choices for your den, and it would be awesome if we had music options from all over Jamaa. The only places where we can buy music is from parties or from your den.
For example, many of the shops' music cannot be bought, such as the Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest. Additionally, many of the Adventures music can't be bought, such as Meet Cosmo. There are several soundtracks in that Adventure alone, and none of the music has been released. Another neat idea would be to upload your own music, but AJHQ would never do that due to Jammers uploading inappropriate soundtracks. 

5. Being able to buy recycled items
People recycle items because they have no need of them anymore. I think people should be able to buy recycle items. If someone wants an item that is no longer in stores, they can easily get it off another Jammer indirectly. This benefits both parties. Of course, a recycling plant would have to be added to Jamaa. 

6. Mythical creatures
Since animals are pretty common in Animal Jam, I think mythical creatures should come. I have wanted this since I first joined and still want this now. My horse, as you can see, is supposed to be a Pegasus. It'd be really cool if Pegasuses, unicorns, griffins, phoenixes, or dragons came to Animal Jam, even though I know it would never happen, since Animal Jam is about learning real animals.

7. Flying animals walking
Wouldn't it be cool to see an eagle walking? I don't know why this hasn't been added yet, but flying isn't the only thing eagles do. Even though it would be pretty pointless, it could be cool if eagles or owls got to slide down slides. 

8. Picking an animal name
We all get to pick a username, but our animals' names are pretty stupid. Wouldn't everyone love to say hello to 'Prince Toughpaw' or 'Round Chunkywolf' (yes, totally)? Why can't we just type in a name we want for our animals (appropriate, of course, since it's Animal Jam). I mean, Webkinz pulled it off, they should be able to too.

9. Item Stats
I think it would be amazing if you could see the stats of an item when you click on it in your inventory or when it's on someone's trade list. The stats could tell you how many colours there are of the item, the quantity, when it was released, how it was brought into Animal Jam (monthly gift, store item, promo item, etc.), and more information regarding it. 

10. Customizing your player card
Every time we click on someone, we see the same old design: the wooden template and the grassy background (it's a beach for animals that can go on land and underwater, and an underwater background for just sea animals). I think AJHQ should bring in some new backgrounds and templates so we can customize our player card. 

11. Underground animals
I'm neutral about this idea, but since we have flying, underwater, and land animals, why not have underground animals? This might even require a new underground map to show the passages and tunnels. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Straw Hat

     The Straw Hat is a pretty new rare, as it wasn't really wanted a few months ago, but it randomly erupted into the rare world. This item is a non-member land clothing, and was sold in Jam Mart in 2014. This item comes in 8 colours. Theoretically, there is no 'rarer' colour, it just depends on how much a Jammer wants the colour. The least rare colour, I believe, is the tan Straw Hat. These are worth:

Rare Long Spike Collar (yellow, green, orange) 
Founders Hat (a little more)
Neon Bow and Arrows (a little more)
2 Glitched Festival Lights (a bit less)
Silver Ring (a little less)
15 den BETAs

Monday, March 14, 2016

Animal Jam - Making An Item Rare

     Recently, I've seen many Jam Mart items become rare. And I've never expected them to go rare at all. Just look at the Straw Hat, for example. Since when were those in style? I remember seeing those in Jam Mart not so long ago. Back then, nobody wore such an item, but now animals are lining up to get themselves a piece.

     So what exactly happened?

     No one can say exactly what happened, I have a theory. Because of the low demand in Straw Hats, no one bought them, resulting in low quantities of the item. I bet there are more Spike Collars than Straw Hats. 

     To get back to the topic, making an item rare is relatively simple. You just have to increase the value of the item. Let's just take a random item: the Soccer Ball Mask. Clearly, this mask is devastating when it comes to looks. There aren't even that many in Jamaa. Be sure to put this item on your trade list, and next time someone offers something, simply make them add. Even when offers get extremely tempting to accept, don't. This is crucial in getting people to think this item may not be in high demand, but that it is rare as a ruby. Even when Jammers are offering Headdresses or something, you cannot accept. This method deceives the person into thinking the item is worth more than the object they are offering. 

       It takes a team of people to create a rare item so suddenly. If even one person accepts an offer for their 'Soccer Ball Mask,' the item won't be able to reach the rare state.

      Another way is to get another account and make them offer something rare for your Soccer Ball Mask. All you have to do is decline the rare item, and this will bring in attention. If enough Jammers are fooled, your item will become the next biggest thing. 

       Your item doesn't even have to be 'rare' or wanted to become rare. It just needs to have people that will believe in its rarity. And, nowadays, if the majority thinks that, it seems to become a fact. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Animal Jam - (Parties) - The Leap Year Party 2016

     I'm going to be honest, I've been waiting so long for this party. It only occurs every 4 years! In 2012, this party was filled with rares such as the Rare Worn and the Rare Beard. However, in this one, it is not. As disappointed as one may be, it's just what it is. This party is themed around frogs since they leap. 

     This party is based around the Treehouse Den and is not very appealing in appearance. It has a simple design with minimal effects added (which is kinda sad). 

     The first floor of this party isn't as well designed as the other parties. The furniture you can buy here is far from good and looks kind of ugly in my opinion. 

      As you can see, you can only buy 6 items, and only 1 is non-member. The items are not worth paying for, though. The design is bland with only the slightest of effort put into them. 

     The second floor is better designed but still can't compare to any of the other parties. You can buy clothes but, again, they're not incredibly fancy or extravagant. 

     You can buy the 'Furry Fox Hat,' which is just another version of the Fox Hat with different colours. Again, you can only buy 6 items, but they don't even look that nice. 

     The third floor is quite tasteless too. I just don't get any feel or vibe to it, yenno what I'm sayin'? 

     Then, there's a super long slide to slide down from the horror of it all (just kidding, just kidding). All in all, it's not a well designed party and needs some revamping. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Chinese New Year Party

     AJHQ has released a party I never really thought they'd release: The Chinese New Year Party! Chinese New Year is also the Lunar New Year (no, it's not all revolved around Chinese people. Don't worry, you'll get your lucky money though). The party is overall pretty good and well-designed. It does bring a sense of Chinese culture. 

     The shop here doesn't have many items, which is kind of sad. I was expecting things like Chinese sculptures, paintings, and whatnot. 

     The food here is pretty traditional to that of a Chinese person. Not a big fan of Chinese food but this table probably appeals to most. 

     I absolutely adore this area. The bamboo shoots provide a feeling of a serene environment as your mind and body reaches equanimity and tranquility. However, I do think that this resembles the stereotypical Chinese pond. 

      Prepare yourself for the waterfall, possibly the funnest fun you'll ever have experienced in a long time! The sunset is also quite emblematic to Chinese New Year (and the fireworks as well!).

     The waterfall slide would be considered a pretty unique slide in Animal Jam. The fact that you don't see the slide makes it different from other slides. I have to say I was caught by surprise when my animal randomly slid down the waterfall!

     The bottom of the waterfall again brings an area of calmness and composure. What a great place to meditate. 

     Last but not least, the night sky of this party is undeniably glorious. At times, you can catch a plethora of fireworks in the sky, granting a show anyone would die for. 

      I personally think this is one of the better parties. Even the music is somewhat iconic to the Chinese culture. Note that you must be a monkey to attend the party (it's the year of the monkey). Anyways, happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Animal Jam - (Shops) - Basement of Secrets

     Animal Jam has finally put an Easter egg into the game. You may have wondered where this area leads to in the Chamber of Knowledge. 

     No, you can't exactly just go down from it. You need to access this secret location by clicking on a specific spot on the Jamaa map. 

     This is the spot, and if you can't get it the first time, make sure to keep trying because it may take a few clicks to get it. Once you have accomplished that, you'll probably be led to an area that looks very similar to the Chamber of Knowledge. This place is titled 'Basement of Secrets.'

     At least there are items to buy in here. Technically, the Basement of Secrets is a shop! There are only 3 items (currently) that you can purchase from this shop. 

     However, the Basement of Secrets does lead to an interesting question: How is that specific place on the map even connected to the bottom of the Chamber of Knowledge? Could there be an underground tunnel that could connect the two? Perhaps we shall never find out.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Animal Jam - AJHQ's Animal Jam Account

     Apparently, AJHQ plays Animal Jam as well. Well, that is very unexpected. Could they possibly be the rarest Jammer? Haha, maybe in time. Just so you people know, Ajhq does not seem rare and I don't know if they'll send you gifts or Jam-a-Grams and whatnot. 

     As you can see, Ajhq's 'main' animal is the penguin (and its only animal too). Ajhq is not accepting buddy requests at the moment. A lot of Jammers are posting on their Jammer Wall. You can block and/or report this user. Currently, this account does not have many achievements. In case you don't believe this is AJHQ's actual account, here's some reliable proof (just so you know this is not based on any fallacious reasoning whatsoever). 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Nature Archway

     The Nature Archway is a member den item. It was the July 2012 monthly member gift. These items have gone up a lot because they used to be worth less than a Rare Bow and Arrows. There are 4 types: flower, vine, lava, and ice. The flower Nature Archway is said to be worth the most because of its looks. Nevertheless, this item is still worth quite a lot. 

Flower Nature Archway: 
Short Spike Collar (maybe a long if you're lucky)
10 den BETAs 
Red or Blue Party Hat (you may have to add) 
Headdress (you may have to add)
AJHQ Plaque (a little more) 

Vine Nature Archway: 
Short Spike Collar (maybe a long, but hard to find) 
Elf Tail Armour (a little more) 
9 den BETAs
Blue or Green Party Hat

Ice Nature Archway: 
Long Spike Wristband (possibly a Short Spike Collar)
Neon Bow and Arrows
7 den BETAs
Elf Tail Armour 

Lava Nature Archway:
Long Spike Wristband 
Pink Party Hat 
7 den BETAs
Elf Tail Armour

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Animal Jam - Types Of Buddies

     Everyone has buddies on Animal Jam. However, all of us have to agree that some are better than others. Some are over-the-top nice and others are could work on their manners. Here it is, the list you've all been waiting for: types of buddies. 

1. The Trading Buddy: These people friended you solely because they wanted an item of yours. These type of buddies are usually permanent, especially if you enjoy trading. 

2. The Buddy Out Of Nowhere: These people are your buddies, but you have no idea where they came from. You literally do nothing with these players and you can't seem to remember how they even ended up on your friend list. 

3. The Beggar Buddy: These buddies are better off your friend list than on. The only reason they wanted to be your 'friend' is because they need you to give them that spike they've always wanted. 

4. The Clueless Friend: Jammers like these have only buddied you because they have no clue on how to play the game. They may be annoying since the only thing they do is follow you around and ask you how to do the simplest of things. 

5. The Cool Buddy: These people are your good friends, not your best, but good enough. Together, you play Adventures, trade, go to each other's dens, roleplay, and talk about stuff. These players make your heart a little bit warmer. 

6. The Clanmate: These type of buddies only apply to people in clans and roleplayers. You've probably roleplayed with these people a million times (and counting). 

7. The Biased Buddy: These Jammers only buddy you because you're rare or famous. Honestly, it's a pretty biased way of gaining buddies and people should never do things out of prejudice, whether it be in Animal Jam or the real world. 

8. The Real Life Friend: These are the few Jammers you know and trust. They may not be your best Animal Jam friend, you at least consider them as good friends. 

9. The Mutual Buddy: You may have no clue who they are, but if they're your friend's friend, it's enough. Plus, you have a good time together and that's all that matters. 

10. The Best Buddy: You know who they are and they're definitely your favourite type of people. You do everything with this Jammer from trading to roleplaying to expressing opinions. You just cannot wait for this person to get online.