Monday, March 28, 2016

Animal Jam - How To Get All The Achievements

     Getting all the achievements is something I, along with other Jammers, have always wanted to do. At least, when I first joined the game (and didn't know anything about it), the only thing I really cared for were achievements. Here are some tips to getting all (or most) of the achievements!

1. Play a game many times and purposely lose
Most of the achievements required you to play a game x number of times. By purposely losing, you will be able to obtain these achievements faster. Some games will require you to exit the entire game and rejoin to count it as '1' time. 

2. Practice
If you can't get a certain achievement, just keep playing it for hours, and you might eventually get it. I had to play Gem Breaker for 3-4 hours one day to get the achievement 'Gem Ace.' I consider this the most important tip.

3. Get a friend to help
Different people are good at different games, so it's best to test the talents of your friends. 

4. Get another account to help
Some achievements require you to win multiplayer games. To receive this achievement quickly and surely is just to get a spare account to lose to all the multiplayer games you play with them.

5. Have fun
If you don't have fun playing a game, it's difficult to gain that achievement (at least for me). Being unaware of the amount of achievements you have may result in more achievements. I remember playing Jamaa Derby for fun and getting all the achievements in under 2 days. Of course, you can force yourself to have fun playing a game you don't like, but you'll have to work around it. 

     There are some achievements that may need some help interpreting.
Jackpot! - Gem Ball: Winning a jackpot means to put your ball through all 3 Zios sculptures. A double jackpot means to do it 2 times in one game (which is pretty much based on luck). 
Super Streak! - Hedge Hog: No more than  about 6 phantoms appear on the screen at the same time, so you must activate the Power Crystals quickly. The time of the activation will become longer. Once you defeat the phantoms, more will appear. 
Mira Says! - Mira Says: To complete a full sequence, you must light up all the lights on the screen (orange, green, blue, purple. 
Go For The Gold! - Pill Bugs: You have to play Pill Bugs in hard mode and clear all the bugs in a level to get a gold bug. There are 6 sets in a level and 5 levels.

     To view your achievements, click on your player card, then click on the trophy icon beside the gem icon that displays the amount of your gems. 

     Here, you will be shown the achievements you have and don't have, how close you are to a certain achievement, and the amount of achievements you have. The maximum amount of achievements one can currently obtain is 242. 

     However, the achievement 'Answer The Call!', which could've been obtained by answering 15 Calls of the Wild is no longer available. The achievement has not been deleted yet like its cousins 'Herbology Expert' and 'Once of a Kind!' 


  1. Meian we were doing a trading war cuz my friend is
    Leaving and we needed to remember him so I traded the claw for a green long and we had fun lol but he had a nature archway how do u get one btw what is ur user

    1. My username is MeiAn. Add me if you wish! Currently, you can only get a Nature Archway by trading.

    2. Mc39891 is my user

    3. Hi, Can you add me? My user is Pandaglimmer800. Maybe we could trade, I have a lot of unwanted rares.

  2. < Pinkypipes >1 April 2016 at 13:04

    hey meian, im Pinky.. miss you!

  3. do u still go on animal jam? if you do can i trade u pigtails for something?

  4. Are you accepting authors?? You haven't posted in awhile. Is everything okay??

  5. Can you write a Jammer page on me?

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