Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How Animal Jam Is Like The Economy

     Even though the currency of Animal Jam is the 'gem,' it doesn't hold much value and never fluctuates. However, many rares fluctuate in accordance to their quantity and demand. 

     The spike, once known to be one of the most wanted articles in all of Jamaa, became the pinnacle of the trading world and was given paramount respect and importance. Anyone who had owned one was more or less glorified by the Animal Jam community. However, as days wore on, and as the Adventures came to existence, the spike lost much of its zing, and with it, its rarity. Currently, many Jammers own a spike and have pointed their guns at other items, such as the headdress.

     Because the Adventures brought in so many spikes and greatly increased their number, Jammers didn't have a demand for them anymore, thus beginning to focus on another item that still conforms to the aesthetics of the animal. This new item seems to be the headdress because it looks nice and is moderately low in quantity.

     No one knows what these things will be worth in the near future. AJHQ may decide to bring back some of these items and perhaps something else will become the top of the food chain. Remember, these items are only rare because we as people put value to them; otherwise they're really just a bunch of clustered pixels.


  1. First! Lol. Hey MeiAn, can you make a post about what nerd glasses are worth? I'm pretty confused about that.

  2. Good post however I fail to understand what actually is an Animal Jam. From your post, it seems like some online community for protection of animals.

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  4. does Froggypie1 remember me? I'm Pinkypipes (dumb name i know) and we would always roleplay some kind of kingdom thing and we would have some butler and some dude we needed to take care of. I forgot who played duke it was probably froggypie1 tho

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