Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ideas on Making Animal Jam More Fun

     I've recently had a poll where I wanted Jammers to vote on what would make Animal Jam better. Yes, a lot of people have been telling me to make it more violent, since a lot of non-little kids play it. There are teenagers who play Animal Jam, even old grandpas and grandmas! On the poll, you got to vote:
  • Animal Jam should be more violent
  • Animal Jam should involve less scamming
  • It should be easier to get rares
  • Other
It seemed that many people wanted Animal Jam to have less scamming, I agree. Here are some suggestions that Animal Jam people have pointed out:

"I wish Animal Jam could be a little violent. Phantom Adventures used to be a little fun, but not anymore. Why do you HAVE TO trap the phantoms instead of just killing them?" ~Awesome Happyjammer

"Animal Jam should definitely involve lesser scamming. I've been scammed 17 times in 3 months! I think Animal Jam should give you back the rare that was scammed from you, because every time I e-mail them, they don't even help!" ~Emperor Oldbunny

"I love Animal Jam very much, but I wouldn't say it's perfect. It has a lot of perfecting to do. They won't even help when you e-mail them, it's unfair. Animal Jam is also getting a little more boring everyday, there's not enough adventure! Even in Phantom Adventures, it's annoying how you can't use weapons like swords or or bow and arrows to kill them. There is also a ton of scamming. I don't mind being scammed, but AJHQ never helps return the item onto your account." ~Juniper Arcticpaw

"Animal Jam is a bit fast for me. They keep updating it, and I don't get to enjoy much of the game. Like when they brought out the Wind Armour, another armour came, and I didn't even save up enough diamonds for it. Also, in Adventures BETA, there are barely any good prizes, so AJHQ should really make them have better prizes. Animal Jam should bring all the rares back, and ban trading and sending, so that rares won't even matter in the game." ~Major Majormajor

As you can see, I haven't mentioned anyone's usernames, but you know who you are! Some people say that Animal Jam is perfect the way it is. You are welcomed to leave your opinion on the comments below. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Cami's Frog

     Cami's Frog has an interesting story behind the item. It was made because a girl was diagnosed with Leukemia. Before Cami was even born, her dad, Pat, picked out a frog plushie for her, and Cami named it Froggy. Cami slept with Froggy every night! Pat worked for Smart Bomb, and made Cami's Frog an actual item in Animal Jam, and now it's quite rare. Anyways, Cami took Froggy everywhere she went, even to the hospital! The last 6 weeks, when Cami was in the hospital, Froggy was used as a pillow and thrown across the room in a steroid rage. But Cami's family also threw a big party for Froggy. The family even played pin the fly on the Froggy! I'm not sure if she died of cancer or not. 

     Cami's Frog is actually pretty rare, it's worth the First Birthday Cake! Of course, the First Birthday Cake will eventually be worth more someday, but Cami's Frog isn't a super BETA. It's also worth these items: 

Fish Fountain 
Some Bongos + another rare 
2 Gecko Banners
Rare Cloud 
Rare Spike Wristband
Art Easel
Rare Claw
Crocodile Sidekix Plushie
AJHQ Plague

These are good items to add on to a trade for Zios Sculpture. This item is definitely a good touch to any plushie collection! Cami's Frog costed 100 gems back in the BETA days. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Penguins Only Party

     The Penguins Only Party is a cold icy party, and has a landscape similar to the one like Mt. Shiveer. You can buy 7 items there, such as: Penguin Flag, Ice Couch, Penguin Mat, Igloo Pet House, and of course, the party music, Chillin' Out. There are 2 carrying items, which are the snow come and the hot air balloon. The design is like a iceberg, and at the peak, you can make your penguin freeze up. The are 2 big slides, and 1 slide leads to a pool, whereas if you froze your penguin, the ice will randomly fall off. The clouds at the top look fake, but wispy. The sky is clear blue. Also, at the bottom of the party, there are some tiny icebergs drifting apart from the large one. I have to say that the Penguins Only Party is a paradise for all penguins! 

Animal Jam's Third Birthday!

     Did you know that it's Animal Jam's third birthday? You will get a cake by entering the code: AJBDAY3. You'll get a cake that will display Mt. Shiveer with the number 3 on it. You should try not to trade these away yet, because they'll be worth more later on in the future. So, make sure to save them till 10 years later (if Animal Jam is still around that time, or if you haven't ditched it). I think the appearance is quite cool, with Mt. Shiveer and its hot tub and Hot Cocoa Hut. I'd say it looks quite neat! 

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Animal Jam - Rare and Famous Jammers (List #3)

     Hello, and this is the third list (finally!) of the rare and/or famous Jammers! Again, there are many out there, and these are just another 10 different people. 

1. xxpatrick2013xx - (a little rare) - first off, he is a big scammer, he scams people by doing flashing. He has 2 Founder's Hats (no kidding!) He is famous for scamming.

2. KingAlmighty - (quite famous and a little rare) - he used to have lots of spikes, but traded them all for 2 Long Black Spike Collars. He is famous for having lots of spikes (or used to have a lot of them).

3. Eatcandy - (a little rare) - okay, she is rare, no doubt. She has a Founder's Hat! But look at her achievements, doesn't seem like she was playing for that long. I mean, you can count her achievements, that's how little there are! I think she is a hacker. She is famous for having a Founder's Hat.

4. TheAwesomeLegendOfMe - (a little rare) - she used to have a Long Black Spike Collar, she isn't so famous, but now she does have Black Gazelle Horns. She isn't that famous, but people LOVE to hang out with her. She's just rare.

5. betaseal - (a little rare) - when I met her, she only had 1 Long Spike Collar, but now she has a Long Black Spike Collar, I wonder how she got that. She isn't very famous, but is getting more fame... She's just rare, and not very famous.

6. Mysticember - (a little rare) - he isn't famous at all, but he does have a Long Black Spike Collar, I think he got hacked, since he's only a lion with a backpack... But when Jammers saw him, they loved hanging out with him. He's just rare, and not very famous.

7. nathanjohn - (rare) - nathanjohn has several Long Spike Collars, and he sent me Scary Bat Wings. He used to be not very famous, but his showings on Julian2's videos have made him quite popular. 

8. NebulaStar - (very rare) - he qualifies for the top 10 rarest Jammers of Animal Jam. NebulaStar has beards and items like that. He is getting more famous, because Julian2 showed him on a video.

9. SolidBlackTopHatsX3 - (a little rare) - he isn't very famous, but he's got a Long Black Spike Collar. He isn't famous at all, but is quite rare.

10. YannyCat - (famous) - he's Julian2's storage account, so that's how he got his fame, but he got hacked (or at least that's what Julian2 said). 

Friday, September 06, 2013

Animal Jam Giveaway #2

     This is a giveaway for Freedom Wings. All you need to do is put your username down and I will draw a random player. Thank you for participating. Oh, and by the way, it's not necessary to put your non-member or member status, since I will know when I search up your username on Animal Jam. Good luck to all!

Contest ends: 2013/9/12


A reason you want it is NOT necessary, because it's not going to increase your chance on winning when you put it down. It just lets me get a general idea of why you want it. Again, good luck! I promise the next giveaway prize is going to be rarer than this one. 

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Animal Jam - (Areas) - Crystal Reef

     Crystal Reef is the most popular underwater area. It is teeming with sea life there. There is ladder in Crystal Reef to lead you to Crystal Sands, and you can access Flippers 'N Fins there, which is the underwater pet shop. You can also play 1 game: Eat 'Em Up. There is a journey book page for this area with 12 creatures in it: marlin, humpback whale, stingray, lobster, pufferfish, acorn barnacle, feather duster worm, staghorn coral, brain coral, tube sponge, flounder, and a clownfish. The prize is a pufferfish plushie. Crystal Reef leads to Deep Blue and Bahari Bay. Many times while you're there, you will see many different colour fishes swimming by, such as the yellow ones at the top, the striped ones in the middle, and the blue ones at the bottom. It's very bright in this area. Often, you will see bubbles floating around. Like most underwater areas, it's not very popular in the land of Jamaa. The Crystal Reef is a perfect area for all fans of the coral reef, and definitely holds all the colours of the rainbow! 

Animal Jam - (Dens) - Lost Ruins

     Lost Ruins is one of the few underwater dens. This den is the largest of the underwater dens, and it has these columns which makes it look like something in the Atlantis Party. There's a lot of seaweeds surrounding the bottom of the den. The den has a pretty spacious living room, which is the room at the bottom. Then there are rocks that lead up to a little attic-like room at the top. Some of the columns are cracked, which is kinda a mystery why. At the very top, you can see the sun's rays setting upon the attic-like room. By the way, that room is really small, and can only fit desks and stuff like that. At the top right corner, you'll see another temple thingy type of structure. It looks like where you worship Zeus. There are green seaweed surrounding the temple building. Sometimes, a few bubbles may pop up at this den. This den costs 3,500 gems. If you love Atlantis, this is the perfect den for you!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Animal Jam - infinitymagicheroisback Caught Scamming

     infinitymagicheroisback was caught scamming by my friend. He is the other Jammer that has an Orange Beard, other than VisualEffects, take a look at this picture. 

This picture was sent to me by e-mail by a friend who also plays Animal Jam. She isn't that rare though, and is a non-member. Tell me what you think down below in the comments. If this is fake, do not blame me, ask my friend, TigerLily105070, since she is the one who has shown me this.