Friday, September 13, 2013

Animal Jam's Third Birthday!

     Did you know that it's Animal Jam's third birthday? You will get a cake by entering the code: AJBDAY3. You'll get a cake that will display Mt. Shiveer with the number 3 on it. You should try not to trade these away yet, because they'll be worth more later on in the future. So, make sure to save them till 10 years later (if Animal Jam is still around that time, or if you haven't ditched it). I think the appearance is quite cool, with Mt. Shiveer and its hot tub and Hot Cocoa Hut. I'd say it looks quite neat! 


  1. I already have 3 of them I love them I think they great!

  2. also if u need 1 jam a gram mw I will be happy to give one to u im friendsforever456

  3. Hey, has anyone heard the rumor that bananio is like one of the RAREST JAMMERS?

    1. Bananio isn't that rare, he dosen't have any spikes, headdresses, Founders, or any of those big leuge items sorry but that rumor is fake...

  4. I have one question, currently, is the 3rd birthday cake worth a beta den item such as the RC car, and Cami's frog?

  5. Omg i just got a 3rd bday cake!!!!

  6. I have the third and fourth birthday cake, my user is shadodragonprincess
    I would like a orange long for the third, and an orange shot for the fourth. ( rare spiked collars ) jag me, or just trade me, idc