Saturday, August 31, 2013

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Summer Carnival

     The Summer Carnival is a limited time only party. It comes once every year in Summer. The party lasts about 3 months. You can make cotton candy, and if you make the cotton candy's colours black, white, then black again, it will appear as a phantom! At the center of the party, there is a treasure chest, a big bag, a crate, and a large box. I wonder what's in it. You can also earn tickets by playing the games featured there. The cost of one game is 5 gems. Games include Candy Catch, Whack-a-Phantom, Carnival Darts, and Phantom Ball. It's really slow when you play the games, so you can just buy tickets with your gems if you want one of the items there. You can also see a stand where you can print and colour pictures. You can win clothing or den items. There are many big plushies, which is for members only. Non-members can access the mini plushies and the Bundle of Balloons. The music to the Summer Carnival is unknown.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - tehrealscribblepaws

     Hello Jammers. Someone requested me to do a Jammer fact on them. His Animal Jam username is tehrealscribblepaws! Apparently, he gets Rare Item Mondays from random people, and doesn't even ask for them. Sure, he may not be as famous as Julian2 or bepper, but I don't even get rares sent to me very often! People have sent him items such as Rare Freedom Cape, Rare Star Cape, and some other rare items (which I forgot what they were), sometimes good BETAs. He will send a rare back if it's cool. His old account was called scribblepaws, but it got hacked. Make sure to buddy him! tehrealscribblepaws only buddies people whom he trusts. He seems real nice. tehrealscribblepaws doesn't seem much of a scammer, but I do not know much things about him though. He does Warrior Cats RP. His nickname on Animal Jam is Chaos. If anybody knows more, post in the comments and I will update. Happy jamming, and talk to me on either on Animal Jam or on this blog's comments! I will post about you, but it may take some time. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Jamaa Map

     The map of Jamaa is very unique, and I think it's drawn very well! Well, the map used to look like this:

I've gotta say, this map looks mixed up. If you look closely at Jamaa Township and Sarepia Forest, they look like they're connected. They colours of this map of bright, and I don't know how to explain it, but the map looks like the areas are in the wrong places.

Now, take a look at the new and improved map! Kimbara Outback's name has been changed to just Kimbara. It looks the same as the old map before Kimbara Outback came out, except Kimbara Outback just got added on! I wonder what the next Animal Jam area will be...

I definitely like this one better! It's more detailed, and you can see the 4 parts of the underwater areas easily. 

Animal Jam - Scammers (List #5)

Again, watch out for these scammers! Please comment if you have seen one in Animal Jam that scammed you or someone you know. Report them immediately, even though AJHQ basically doesn't care about reports. 

1. fluttershyandrarity
2. Xxspikecollar
3. dragonface
4. Minecraft90486
5. oaksrq
6. vamzombieslayer
7. kotikovski
8. Shimon876
9. JRindler
10. fluffy10070970

By the way, numbers 7, 8, and 9 are a scamming team! They were trying to scam rares by saying: "Send me rares and I'll give you a lion code!" Obvious scam. Probably, they were negotiating and stuff.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - BETA Arctic Hood

     The BETA Arctic Hood is usually confused with the store-brought one. This BETA is extremely rare. What is it worth, exactly? Well, it's worth more than any spike collar. The BETA Arctic Hood is in fact worth more than a Founder's Hat! Someone (which I don't know who) traded a Founder's Hat and Worn Blanket for a BETA Arctic Hood. This arctic hood is a weird blue-ish colour. It looks like the ones that aren't so rare, but if you look closely, the colours of the BETA Arctic Hood is a bit more lighter. These are very hard to spot on a Jammer's trade list. Many Jammers have no idea about this rare existing. If you have a BETA Arctic Hood, you'd better not trade it away for something worthless, because you've got some gold in your hands! Most famous Jammers know about this BETA being very rare.These are worth: 

Founder's Hat
Long Black Spike Collar (a little more)
4 Long Spike Collars (blue, purple, yellow, orange, green)
Magenta Furry Hat
3 Headdresses

Friday, August 23, 2013

Animal Jam Giveaway #1

     I'm about to give away 1 pair of Scary Bat Wings! In the comments, please write your Animal Jam username; and that's all. Everyone has a chance on winning, and I will do a random draw for the winner. 

Contest rules: 
1. Enter your username for Animal Jam if you want to win.
2. Limit 1 entry per player.
3. You will not get better chances if you buddy me on Animal Jam or if you send me rares.
4. The contest ends on 2013/9/4 
Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Animal Jam Membership

     Animal Jam membership is an essential key to making Animal Jam a fun game to play. It is also known as joining the club. Not all people are members, but most of them are. Being a member in Animal Jam means that you access all features of Animal Jam, including playing all the levels of the Phantom Adventures, the ability of changing your item's colour before you buy it, access to all items, own all the animals available, and having a unique den! Membership are split into 4 different types, consisting on how long you will be a member for. 1 month ($5.95), 3 months ($15.95), 6 months ($29.95), and 12 months ($49.95). The 3 month memberships can get you special animals such as the lion or arctic wolf. The membership cards you buy in store (and sadly, not online) will also get you 10 diamonds. That means only people living in USA can have the ability to access this. Oh and, unfortunately, these cards can only be store bought in USA. If you do not live there, you will need to order the cards online, and sometimes through eBay or any other ordering online websites. You can also get them at Animal Jam Outfitters, Animal Jam's online shop. The prices you get through Animal Jam Outfitters are the same as the ones you can buy. But the ones through other ordering websites are usually more expensive. When you order through Animal Jam Outfitters, you won't get the physical card itself, but the code will be sent to you by e-mail. An exclusive 1 week membership can also be obtained through purchasing Sidekix® Plushies. When your membership expires, all your animals will still be there, but you cannot have the ability to use them anymore. All the clothing will be locked until you get more membership. 

Animal Jam - The Phantom Adventures

     The Phantom Adventures are very popular. Every time you complete a round, you win a random prize that you'll choose from 1 of 5 treasure chests that will appear before you. You need to do certain quests it tells you to do, and progress. The first adventure took no longer than 7 minutes, but as AJHQ made harder ones, they took even longer then 15 minutes, sometimes even half an hour! The game is mostly known for its prizes, and gems. Each round, you'd probably get around 1,000 gems. All of the games of the Phantom Adventures are saving a certain type of animal, such as bunnies and koalas. If you play it a lot, you will get experience, otherwise known as courage. Your animal will level up, and once it reaches to a certain level, it will gain more lives. For every animal you have, you must complete the tutorial for him/her to get to level 1. AJHQ also made normal and hard mode, and to be able to participate in hard mode, your animal must be in level 2. People are saying that you can win rares in the Phantom Adventures, such as Freedom Wings, Scary Bat Wings, Worn Blankets, and Rare Bow and Arrows. I'm not sure if that's true, because I've never won them myself. In the comments, please tell me what you have won! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Tan Carpet

     Tan Carpets are one of the most valuable BETAs. Few Jammers have this item, and it's overly hard to find a Jammer who has it on their trade list, or one who even has it! These Tan Carpets are non-member and look exactly like the Brown Tiles, which you can purchase in the shop. Brown Tiles is a member item, and that's the only way you can tell the difference. There are a ton of different things these are worth.
Things the BETA Tan Carpet are worth: 

Rare Long Spike Collar (certain colours)
2 Mira Statues (it might be worth more)
2-3 Yellow Sweets
Spaceship Walls
Gazelle Horns (some good colours)
Pot O' Gems
Brick Walls
Moon Dirt
2 Mechanical Angel Helmets (depends on colour, non-rare)
2 Zios Sculptures
2 Blue Shag Carpets

Surely, these things are worth a lot. Some people that have them usually want Rare Long Spike Collars for them. I don't know why, but some Jammers say that there are only 7-10 of them in the game or something like that. These items do not come in the top 10 rares list. If you have one, I recommend you don't trade it soon, unless if you want to get rid of it badly. In the future, these items will probably get way more rare than they are now, unless they come back in stores, but it's a pretty good chance they won't. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Animal Jam - (Updates) - Long Spikes in Diamond Shop

     There were a lot of rumours that the Long Spikes was going to come out in the Diamond Shop. Well, it has! But the colours aren't the real colours of the original Long Spike Collars that were monthly gifts. Plus, there is no rare sign on them. A lot of Jammers have been using the silver coloured one. In my opinion, I am 50-50 with this update. The bad thing about it is that the colours are crazy-looking! What I'm happy about is that I can at least purchase a Spike Collar for me to use in a movie I'm doing on Animal Jam. A lot of non-rare people love this update, and rare people are also okay-ish with it, since the original colours look better. Also, the Long Spike Wristbands have come out! The wristbands come in even weirder colours! They got white, dark green, and many more that is not with the Long Spike Collars. The collars and wristbands both cost 3 diamonds for each. Well, tell me what you think about this update, and keep on jamming! 

Friday, August 09, 2013

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - xxmangoxx

     xxmangoxx is a pretty rare Jammer. He/she is a member. One of the good rares he has is the Long Black Spike Collar and the Red Pirate Sword (he has way more rares, by the way). xxmangoxx also has some BETA items, such as the Sewing Machine, Basket of Candy, and Gacko Banner. He/she seems to be not very famous, but fun to hang around with! I'm sure a lot of his buddies like it too! I don't know if xxmangoxx scams, although I do not think so. xxmangoxx owns a lot of blogs; and 2 of them are called: Animal Jam Party, and it's not about parties.  Anyways, the link to it is: and the other one is about contests, which you can visit xxmangoxx also has a YouTube channel: Jacqueline romans, so be sure to check that out! There is way more information about this Jammer, so when I find that out, I will keep updating!

Here is some information about xxmangoxx: (I got this from her/his blog).

Favourite food: Tacos and cheesecakes

Favourite den: Water park den
Favourite rare: Spikes or all Worn Blankets 
Favourite store: Outback Imports
Favourite area in Jamaa: Crystal Sands, Jamaa Township, or Mt. Shiveer
Favourite party: Trading Party, Friendship Party, and Dinner Party
Favourite plushie type: Seals
Things xxmangoxx likes: Mailtime (Be sure to send her items, she'll talk about them on her blog)!

Interests: Anime Manga, animals, Animal Jam, music, fashion, singing, and Mexican food or Hawaiian pizza (I love Hawaiian pizza too!)

Favourite music: Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, raps
Music facts: xxmangoxx doesn't like Blues!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Fish Fountain

     The Fish Fountain isn't the best BETA item, but it's okay-ish. Some people don't know that these are BETAs. BETA Fish Fountains are a den item, are members only, and only comes in one form. This item is worth:

Sidekix Plushie (any type) 
Rare Spike Wristband (depending on person, lots of people hate trading their spikes away)
Some other good BETA (such as Porch Swing, or maybe Rosebush), Pirate Sword (again, few people will do this trade) 
Rare Cloud
Worn Blanket
Raspberry Bow and Arrows
Yellow Sweets 
Blue Shag Carpet

At first, I thought this item was bought in the shops, and a lot of Jammers thought that too, for some reason. I think there is a 50% chance it will come out in stores, since the BETA furniture items are coming out. Some people really want these, just for the looks, but I guess it's not as rare as it should be. But this item does look GREAT in your den! With a fountain, especially a BETA Fish Fountain, you can liven things up a bit (does that make sense?)! It looks like something that would be found in a Victorian Garden. The BETA Fish Fountain has 2 layers, one large circle at the bottom, and one smaller circle at the top, and ends with a fish shooting water out. 

Friday, August 02, 2013

Animal Jam - (Areas) - Kimbara Outback

     Kimbara Outback is a place designed just for kangaroos. There is an old wooden windmill at the top of the place. A big waterfall is located in the center, and probably the most popular attraction of this area. Above the waterfall is a building, and that building has a chair symbol. Unfortunately, you cannot go inside this structure, maybe AJHQ plan to make a furniture shop? Keep going and you'll see a long bridge. From there, you will see another building, with a bandage cross symbol. Again, you can't go in this building. Perhaps this is the hospital? There are big trees and gigantic boulders here. Animal Jam has made a journey book for this area, so be sure to get all the animals to obtain your prize! This place leads to Jamaa Township. In the background behind the long bridge, there are some green things, and those are probably trees. Strangely, an old tire is leaning on the bridge. 

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Planet Walls

     Planet Walls were available in the BETA days. This item costed 150 gems. This is a valuable BETA. These only came in 1 form, and are now hard to get. Many people want these, if they are a BETA fan. Lots of Jammers want them because of the rarity. These are worth Blue Shag Carpet, Yellow Sweets, Red Brick Walls, Rare Short Spike Collar (certain colours), or another similar good BETA. It's hard to find someone who has these, and certain people will want it badly. If you want to keep this item, you can keep it, since I don't think wallpapers and flooring are coming back. 

Animal Jam - (Dens) - Water Park

     The Water Park den is a seasonal den, and can only be obtained when it is Summer. This is a member only den and costs 4,000 gems. The sell price is 1,200 gems. It is made up of 3 water slides, and a large landing pool. This den is a fairly small den. There is a small hut at the top which leads to the top water slide. The sky is clear, and there are many huge rocks surrounding it. One huge rock is placed at the top of this den. The ocean is right beside you with sand as if you're in a beach. There is lush green grass and a stairway leading up to a small hot tub pool. This den is great for hosting a Pool Party or just pretending you animal is on vacation! It's like on a blazing hot Summer day, you can relax with friends and family. Put a lemonade stand and you've got yourself a luxurious place to be in all Summer long!