Friday, August 09, 2013

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - xxmangoxx

     xxmangoxx is a pretty rare Jammer. He/she is a member. One of the good rares he has is the Long Black Spike Collar and the Red Pirate Sword (he has way more rares, by the way). xxmangoxx also has some BETA items, such as the Sewing Machine, Basket of Candy, and Gacko Banner. He/she seems to be not very famous, but fun to hang around with! I'm sure a lot of his buddies like it too! I don't know if xxmangoxx scams, although I do not think so. xxmangoxx owns a lot of blogs; and 2 of them are called: Animal Jam Party, and it's not about parties.  Anyways, the link to it is: and the other one is about contests, which you can visit xxmangoxx also has a YouTube channel: Jacqueline romans, so be sure to check that out! There is way more information about this Jammer, so when I find that out, I will keep updating!

Here is some information about xxmangoxx: (I got this from her/his blog).

Favourite food: Tacos and cheesecakes

Favourite den: Water park den
Favourite rare: Spikes or all Worn Blankets 
Favourite store: Outback Imports
Favourite area in Jamaa: Crystal Sands, Jamaa Township, or Mt. Shiveer
Favourite party: Trading Party, Friendship Party, and Dinner Party
Favourite plushie type: Seals
Things xxmangoxx likes: Mailtime (Be sure to send her items, she'll talk about them on her blog)!

Interests: Anime Manga, animals, Animal Jam, music, fashion, singing, and Mexican food or Hawaiian pizza (I love Hawaiian pizza too!)

Favourite music: Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, raps
Music facts: xxmangoxx doesn't like Blues!


  1. Hi MeiAn.
    Thanks for putting me on your blog, I really appreciate that a lot!
    It means the world to me.
    Btw on AJ I am also RedRox.
    So Yah, I don't usually play redrox, but if you see her, then you will know who it is. I also made a new blog called
    B e sure to check it out :3 Have a day like mango's day,
    THE BEST DAY EVA!!!!!!!!!! XD Ok
    Cya soon MeiAn :3

  2. Owe and btw
    I made a new blog about contests and you will win prizes if you enter them.
    My new blog is called so yeah.
    And thanks again for putting me on ur blog
    It means a lot to me.

    1. r u accepting buddy requests at the time mango?

    2. btws love ur den!

  3. I'm buddies with xxmangoxx, she gives out random give aways, and is always super nice. =D

  4. i would like 2 be xxmangoxx's buddy she seems like a nice person

  5. i like her animal - icehappy29 its my user on animal jam

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