Friday, August 30, 2013

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - tehrealscribblepaws

     Hello Jammers. Someone requested me to do a Jammer fact on them. His Animal Jam username is tehrealscribblepaws! Apparently, he gets Rare Item Mondays from random people, and doesn't even ask for them. Sure, he may not be as famous as Julian2 or bepper, but I don't even get rares sent to me very often! People have sent him items such as Rare Freedom Cape, Rare Star Cape, and some other rare items (which I forgot what they were), sometimes good BETAs. He will send a rare back if it's cool. His old account was called scribblepaws, but it got hacked. Make sure to buddy him! tehrealscribblepaws only buddies people whom he trusts. He seems real nice. tehrealscribblepaws doesn't seem much of a scammer, but I do not know much things about him though. He does Warrior Cats RP. His nickname on Animal Jam is Chaos. If anybody knows more, post in the comments and I will update. Happy jamming, and talk to me on either on Animal Jam or on this blog's comments! I will post about you, but it may take some time. 


  1. Hi again. I got some basic info. ^^
    My old account was scribblepaws but it got hacked so I changed. When ppl send me gifts (these are mostly betas but sometimes I score a rare) I usually send back if they are really cool :D yesterday I got two candy cane crowns X3 I do warrior cat rp and my nickname on aj is chaos(unless it changes) also I'm sorta shy and only buddy ppl I get to know and trust >w<'

  2. Yes chaos is real nice and never has scammed of what I know of she is worth a follow ^3^

    1. hi im 726rachel ive gotten hacked but I got back on track but the things when I got hacked they only thing they took was blue mat beard top hat red fox hat and rare Viking so I hope u right about me I have a small amount of decent stuff so I would help if u wrote about me ps my bday is tomorow

  3. can you make a post about me .... my username is ferrarif12029

  4. Please make a post about me
    my user is: gloria3915
    I have been playing for about one and a half years and is really beta.
    Thanks, and I think your blog is awesome!

  5. Plz post bout' me.
    User: paige16663
    I have been playing same as Gloria Chu And i am beta.

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