Friday, August 02, 2013

Animal Jam - (Areas) - Kimbara Outback

     Kimbara Outback is a place designed just for kangaroos. There is an old wooden windmill at the top of the place. A big waterfall is located in the center, and probably the most popular attraction of this area. Above the waterfall is a building, and that building has a chair symbol. Unfortunately, you cannot go inside this structure, maybe AJHQ plan to make a furniture shop? Keep going and you'll see a long bridge. From there, you will see another building, with a bandage cross symbol. Again, you can't go in this building. Perhaps this is the hospital? There are big trees and gigantic boulders here. Animal Jam has made a journey book for this area, so be sure to get all the animals to obtain your prize! This place leads to Jamaa Township. In the background behind the long bridge, there are some green things, and those are probably trees. Strangely, an old tire is leaning on the bridge. 


  1. I could TELL this place was made for kangaroos.


  2. i was in kimbrea once.. and i was a kit and then a wolf a bunny and a raccoon tried to kill me so if someone tries to do that go to you den