Friday, October 31, 2014

Animal Jam - Animaux Technologie Inc.

     Animaux Technologie Inc. is a new company made by the blog office members. It has every single Animal Jam technology in it. It is spelled in French so we look more professional. The company is at froggypie1's mushroom den. Whether its a new PC or a brand new tablet model, Animaux Technologie is probably making something new now.  

The lobby

     The lobby is where customers wait if they want to make a reservation or they want to visit the company. 

The office

     The office is where you can pick up or buy any new technologies. We show off our wealth by displaying a gem box and a diamond in a case. No stealing! From time to time, you'll see the employees making a new device. 

The bathroom

     Oh, the bathroom! It's one of the best places in the entire company. There are 4 toilet seats, an open and closed sign to let people know if it's occupied or vacant, and some gorgeous decorations! That can include a $1,000,000,000 stained glass window and a $50,000,000 flower stand. Even the toilets are high class! They're made from special selected wood called bocote wood. 

The outside

     The outside is a beautiful garden landscape which consists of a seasonal tree and a permanent cherry blossom tree from a different galaxy. This tree is not just any tree, it was priced at $9,000,000,000,000. And that's nothing, the never ending rainbow was also from a different galaxy and costed $100,000,000,000. But that's nothing for Animaux Technologie Inc. We treat $1,000,000,000 like a penny. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Animal Jam - (Updates) - The Polar Bear Animal

     In case you haven't noticed, a new animal is coming to Animal Jam. It's the polar bear (pretty sure it is). Here are 2 reasons to support this:
1. A polar bear is a winter animal, and every Christmas, AJHQ released a new animal. Last year, it was the deer. 
2. As you can see from the picture, it said Liza caught it in a snow storm, and polar bears live in the north pole. 

This animal will probably be priced at 1,000 gems, not 10 diamonds. The deer was 1,000 gems last year, too. 4 new animal slots should also be released. Unfortunately, I do not think it will be for non-members. 

     Today, AJHQ announced that members will have 400 den inventory slots, and will be able to place 300 items in their dens. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Horse Coins

     Possibly the rarest item on Animal Jam as of 2014, the Horse Coins are in high demand, not because of its looks, but because of its rarity. There is nothing quite to match the rarity of the Horse Coins. It's worth up to 4 Founder's Hats and Spike Collars. In fact, it's worth even more than that. It is practically impossible to get a Horse Coin by trading. So, if you really want one, what should you do? The answer is simple: play Eagle Adventures! I believe there is a 0.0001% chance of getting this Horse Coin, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it on your 100th try. Keep in mind that Animal Jam made this item to be extremely hard to get. The Horse Coin is a land furniture item that's also for non-members. It only comes in one colour. The outside is surrounded by silver, then blue, and then finally, a silver horse head. Again, there is nothing that can possibly match the rarity of the Horse Coin. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Animal Jam - Halloween Party 2014!

     Halloween is right around the corner, so the blog office team is going to host a special seasonal party: The Halloween Party! Anyone is allowed, but you must be dressed up as something, anything. We'll go trick or treating in Jamaa and play games. The party will be on Oct. 30, 2014, because on Oct. 31, 2014, people will be out trick or treating and won't have time to come to the party. Hope to see you there! Also, we'll be having a giveaway of a special Halloween-themed item.

Who: All you Jammers
What: Halloween Party 2014
When: Oct. 30th, 3:30 pm PST/4:30 pm MST/6:30 pm EST
Where: froggypie1's den 
Why: It's Halloween