Saturday, July 11, 2015

Animal Jam - The Jammer Wall

     The Jammer Wall is a new feature where people can post stuff to your wall. You can customize it and tell people how you feel. Honestly, this is the new Facebook/Twitter. Basically, anyone can post on your Jammer Wall. Is it going to be the new Facebook? I doubt it. Imagine if Jammers would post their problems on their Jammer Wall like they would on Facebook or Twitter. AJHQ advertised this and the person's voice is seriously horrendous (no offense). 

     Anyways, now that the Jammer Wall is out,it's only available for members but will soon be available for non-members as well. This thing is pretty bad though. Who actually posts on their Jammer Wall? You could post your accomplishments but people would just think you were bragging. Plus, there's a 70-character limit. That's even shorter than a Tweet! But all in all, this could be a good update if you're really into posting and wanting the entire world to know you were eating spaghetti for dinner.