Friday, September 25, 2015

Animal Jam - The New Trading System

     Animal Jam made a new trading system, where you can trade up to 20 items for an item. Honestly, this is an update so many people have been waiting for. It's a tad bit strange having to trade 20 of your items for one time, and this will incontrovertibly change the value of certain items. But at least this will reduce trading scams. The only problem with this is that it will take a million years to find 20 of your items. 

     As you can see, the '+' will just keep adding on until you get 20 items. Pretty neat, hmm? However, I do feel that this update will encourage unfair trades. 

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Animal Jam - (Updates) - The Lynx

     Hey, people! Animal Jam released a new update today; they introduced the lynx! It looks very cute and all, but the part where they fall short is that the animal does not look like a lynx. Its front legs are big relative to its hind legs. The lynx looks a bit perky, I guess, but I would've assumed it was a house cat if I didn't know it was a lynx. 

     From here, you can see that the lynx doesn't really look like a lynx, at least in my opinion. I do think that the lynx's 'play' is awfully cute (again, the 'play' makes the lynx a resemblance to a house cat instead of a lynx). It also evinces the lynx's playful mood!

     The play is probably my favourite feature of the lynx! The dance is similar to the other dances. The lynx does stretch its front paws out, making the dance quite absurd and funny. 

     No, lynxes are not bipedal, but Animal Jam adds their own 'human' touch to their animals. 

     All in all, it's a cute animal and I think many clothing items fit the lynx quite well. I do feel it was an inchoate idea, though. The animal isn't bad, but it could've been better.