Friday, July 26, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Art Easel

     The BETA Art Easel is one of the most famous den BETAs in the history of Animal Jam. The Art Easel was released on November 2010. When memberships came out, these item were announced as member only items. This item is not animated, and is a den item. This item is worth a non-rare Worn Blanket (certain colours), a Raspberry Bow and Arrows, a Pirate Sword (certain colours), or another good BETA (such as a BETA Tiara). This item only comes in 1 colour. There are no rumours about if this item will come back. Like most BETAs, this item is rarely seen on a Jammer's trade list. A lot of BETA Jammers and famous people have this item. If you have one, keep it if you like it, and trade it away if you don't, as this item will probably be worth the same items a few years later. The rarity of this BETA item's rarity has increased since the BETA days.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Headdress

     The Headdress is a very popular item in Animal Jam. It's a clothing item that goes on your animal's head. Many Jammers think it looks pretty on them, so they usually wear it. The non-rare Headdresses are rarer than the Rare Headdress. The Rare Headdress only comes in one colour, while the non-rare ones come in 8. The Rare Headdress is bordered by purple and enclosed by the colour white. Headdresses look like what native people wore. The non-rare Headdress colours: red with yellow, orange with white, black with green, green with grey, blue with grey, purple with pink, pink with white, and raspberry with green. The Rare Headdress is a Rare Item Monday, which means it isn't very rare. The Rare Headdress is not even worth a Rare Bow and Arrows. Now, for the non-rare ones, depending on their colour, they could be worth: 

Fly Trap
Bongo Drums
Candy Basket
Sidekix Plushie
Rocking Horse

These Headdresses are wanted items in Animal Jam, only for the looks, but not for the rarity, since these item will probably never qualify for the top 10 rarest items in Animal Jam (unless if AJHQ takes most of the Headdresses out of the game).

Rare Headdress

Rare Item Monday Headdress

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Freedom Wings

     Freedom Wings came out on July 2011. It only comes in 1 form and has 3 colours: red, white, and blue. These colours obviously stand for United States of America. These wings are not worth very much. They are worth: a little less than a Rare Cloud, 2-3 Rare Bow and Arrows, a little more than a Rare Claw, or the used-to-be Elf Tail Armour (before they came back to the Diamond Shop). Freedom Wings used to be extremely rare with 2-3 pairs of them in the game. But now, there are probably thousands of them in the game. These wings are hard to spot on a Jammer's trade list. Despite of what you may think, don't think these Freedom Wings are that rare! These are not BETA items, and I do not think they will return to Animal Jam. Some people still think this item is rare, but hardly anyone does.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Giant Lion Plushie

     The Rare Giant Lion Plushie is a very cute plushie to go in your den! There is a non-rare Giant Lion Plushie, which is purchased in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds. It was the monthly gift of February 2012. The Giant Lion Plushies come in 10 colours: yellow, brown, red, green, blue, black, white, tan, purple, and pink. This item is rarely seen on a Jammer's trade list, and is worth about a Rare Bow and Arrows. You would probably have to add if you want it to be worth a Rare Party Hat. This, of course is a land item for dens only. Being a monthly gift, it has to be a members only item. You can now sell these plushies for 1,000 gems, but who would want to? This used to be worth a Tail Armour, but not anymore. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Animal Jam - (Areas) - Appondale

     Appondale is located on the left side of your world map. It leads to Jamaa Township. You can buy this area's music. Appondale looks like an African Savannah. There is a journey book for this area. 2 shops are located here: Claws 'N Paws and Conservation Museum. The games you can play are: Fruit Slinger, Pest Control, and Disc Toss. Disc Toss is a pet-only game for dogs. A popular attraction is the mud puddle. A ton of Jammers love to splash around and make themselves covered in mud. There is also a den located at the top left corner of Appondale. There are few trees in Appondale. 

Animal Jam - (Extinct Items) - Skullies

     Skullies are the rarest item in Animal Jam because now, no one has them. Skullies were sold in the BETA days, and only costs 10 gems! (Of course, items in the BETA days were very cheap). It was sold in Jam Mart on the first page. Skullies are an item that go on your animal's tail. There are many other extinct items, but the Skully is probably the most famous of them all. Many people haven't seen them in the game. Well, to tell by the name: extinct items, they are gone! Every single one of them was removed from the game. No one really knows why, but many people do think it was because the Skully caused many glitch. (I don't know what kind of glitches). These Skullies aren't worth anything now, but that depends on your opinion. Skullies could be priceless, or they could be worth nothing, since nobody has them anymore. Many Jammers hope the will come back in stores, but that's probably not happening. AJHQ took every single one of them out, and it was for a pretty big reason. If these come back in stores, they wouldn't be worth anything. These Skullies were gone after the BETA days.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Yellow Sweets

     Yellow Sweets is a member wallpaper BETA item. Yellow Sweets is a yellow wallpaper with different types of sweets on it. Yellow Sweets is not much of a wanted item, but they are worth a Short Spike Collar (certain colours), Black Worn Blanket, 2 Pirate Swords (any colour), 1 Mira Statue, another good BETA, or 2 Long Spike Wristbands. These items that are worth Yellow Sweets are very hard to be obtained because no one really wants Yellow Sweets. Yellow Sweets may come back in stores, but haven't heard any rumours that they will. If you like Yellow Sweets in your den, you should keep them, and if you don't want them, try to find someone who wants them and trade it away for an item you want. Yellow Sweets aren't often seen on a Jammer's trade list. These items, although unwanted, are still very rare! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Blue Shag Carpet

     The Blue Shag Carpet is a valuable BETA in Animal Jam. It's hard to find someone who has one. These are worth: 

Planet Walls
A little more than Yellow Sweets
A little more than Blue Vines
2 Pirate Swords
2 Raspberry Bow and Arrows
Moon Dirt (you'll have to add)
Short Spike Collar
Mira Statue
Zios Sculpture
Pink Forest Walls

     This item isn't wanted by many Jammers. This item only comes in 1 colour and 1 form. This item makes your den look cozy. This is a den flooring item (for land). This item doesn't make it to the top 10 rare items list or the top 10 rarest BETA list. It's very hard to find someone with the item, because I only saw only about 10 people who had it. If you have one of these, depending on your opinion on it, you should decide to trade it away or not, because these might come back in stores!

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Claw & Phantom Plushies

     The Rare Claw in Animal Jam is a very wanted item. You can win Phantom Plushies in the Rare Claw (if you're lucky). The Rare Claw is the monthly gift of August 2011. Being the third monthly gift, the value has surprisingly not gone up. 

The Rare Claw is worth:

Porch Swing
Wood Floor
Rare Party Hat (certain colours and you may have to add)
BETA Small Table
Rare Viking Helmet (other person has to add to make it fair)

The Rare Claw only comes in one form. If you have a Rare Claw, keep playing it until you get Phantom Plushies. 

     Phantom Plushies are wanted plushies. Few Jammers know they are actually from the Rare Claw. Someone traded me a Rare Giant Lion Plushie for a Phantom Plushie. These Phantom Plushies come in 10 forms: White, orange, blue, purple, red, green, peach, spiked black, princess, and king. The King Phantom Plushie is probably worth the most because it is very difficult to get. Any Phantom Plushie is hard to get, but once you get 1, it's worth the wait!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Animal Jam - (Dens) - Princess Castle

     Dens are something essential in Animal Jam, you can't play this game without one! Dens are something of your own that you can design. You can make it scary, cozy, happy, funny, etc. You can make a party at your den and invite buddies or random Jammers to it. If you want more Jammers in your den for a party, go to Jamaa Township and shout: PARTY AT MY DEN! PLEASE COME! or something similar to that. There are a big selection of dens you can pick from, such as: Princess Castle, Enchanted Hallow, Restaurant, or Tree House. Furthermore, there are also underwater dens: Lost Ruins and Sunken Ship. 

     The Princess Castle is quite a spacious den, with 4 floors with 4 staircases. Even the garden is quite big! Rosebushes surround the castle grounds. The bottom floor leads to 1 room, and that 1 room leads to 2 rooms, and one of the 2 rooms lead to the upper floor. The upper floor can be used as an attic, bathroom, or even a trophy room! This castle can be for multiple uses. This den costs 6,000 gems, but is definitely worth the money. The sky for this den is dusk or dawn. This glorious living space is for every Jammer, young or old!

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - theveryveryoldcat

  This post will be about a random Jammer named theveryveryoldcat. He is a very funny and entertaining Jammer. He pretends to be 100 years old, and breaks his bone every time he walks. He is a tiger, which is pure white, and he is a non-member. He owns 1 animal: Old Scarycat. He doesn't really carry any rares, but hanging out with him is a real pleasure! I think you should know about him because he will make your day bright! Often, he is found in the Pillow Room in Jamaa Township, waiting to be adopted. I hope you get to meet this bright and enthusiastic Jammer!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Animal Jam - Scamming Tactics

     There are a lot of different way scammers in Animal Jam use to scam. I will post some so you can avoid most of them.

1. Best Decline Scam
A Jammers in some random area in Jamaa chants: "Best decline gets my rare!" This is too much of an obvious scam, because they probably have a Necklace on their trade list and want you to trade unfairly for them. Some people use scamming teams which they say: "Oh my goodness! He declined my Scary Bat Wings!" which is a team, so you would think: He/she declined Scary Bat Wings! I should do better! Then you do something good, and they accept and leave.

2. Best Gift Gets My Rares Scam
This is kinda like the previous one, when they get a good gift, they will just leave with your rare. This scam is usually avoided.

3. My Parents Are Watching Scam
Some sent a Jam-A-Gram that said: PLEASE GIVE ME A RARE BOW MY DAD IS WATCHING. I replied: SO?! DOES YOU DAD PLAY THIS GAME?! She answered: IF I DON'T GET A RARE BOW, MY DAD WILL GROUND ME! I said: WHY WOULD HE CARE? She continued: BECAUSE I GOT SCAMMED AND I NEED IT BACK. Now, this is an obvious scam because whose dad even plays this game? Also, this game has nothing to do with the real world, it's not like if you have a Rare Bow and Arrows, you get $100! It doesn't even matter, and their dad probably isn't watching them.

4. The I Got Scammed Scam
One Jammer laying in anywhere in Jamaa says: I got scammed, please send items to me! It's pretty obvious she might be pretending to be poor and wants you to feel sorry for her. She might actually got scammed, but she can't be going around in Jamaa demanding rares from everyone. If you lose a rare, scam one yourself, but don't ask people to give you one, as Jammers worked hard for their rares.

5. The Flash Trade Scam 
A Jammer wants you to flash them a rare item for a bad item. (By the way, flashing is when you do an overtrade, and quickly cancel before they accept). They might say: Flash me for 1 second, and if you do, I'll give you my rare. Since now the buttons don't show after 5 seconds, people think: Of course I'll do it! But these Jammers download mods to help them accept the trade super quickly. Don't fall for any of these scams! The phrase: Flash me! has been banned, but that didn't stop the Jammers, they made fl4sh me, floosh me!, fish me!, etc.

6. The Accept My Trade and Get My Rares Scam
This scam is usually avoided, but is when Jammers say: Accept my trade and get my rare! They probably would offer something like a Necklace for your rare or just a really unfair trade. I have been scammed like this by snowflake10704. This is obviously a scam, because who would give out something rare just because you accepted a trade? 

These are the most well-known scamming tactics, there are many others scammers use.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Animal Jam - (Areas) - Jamaa Township

    Jamaa Township is probably the most well-known place in all of Jamaa. You will land in Jamaa Township when you create a new account. Jam Mart, Jam Mart Furniture, Sol Arcade, Club Geoz, and the Diamond Shop is all located in Jamaa Township. The statue of Mira (The Sky Mother) is at the very top of Jamaa Township. The sun's raise set onto Mira, as she is the most honoured creature in Jamaa. She is in the middle of a crumpled building, safely protected. You can find a beautiful fountain at the bottom, and you can play Ducky Dash, River Race, and Jamaa Derby here. A bridge in Jamaa Township leads to Appondale. You can walk to Lost Temple of Zios and Sarepia Forest from Jamaa Township.


Monday, July 08, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Gazelle Horns

     Gazelle Horns are an item that go on your animal's head. It's quite a popular item. Gazelle Horns are a member only item and was sold in Jam Mart for 150 gems in the BETA days. The item's sell price is 45 gems. There are 7 colours and 3 unreleased colours: light purple, blue, pink, red, pink, orange (scary antlers), and yellow with brown (rare). The Light Purple Gazelle Horns are extremely rare, due to the fact that only a few Jammers in Animal Jam have it. Scary Antlers was sold in Jam Mart on October 2010, and sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut on October 2011. It's a member only item. The cost of Scary Antlers were 250 gems, and the sell price is 75 gems. This item only came in one colour. Scary Antlers is mostly unwanted, and not so popular. Any of these items are hard to be seen on a Jammer's trade list. No one knows how to get the unreleased colours, but snowyclaw has one. The unreleased colours can be seen in the game: Best Dressed. Here are what they are worth:

Light Purple Gazelle Horns: A few Beards

Black: Founder's Hat

Pink: Tan Carpet and 2 Mechanical Angel Helmets

Purple: 3 very good BETAs and 2 non-rare Worn Blankets.

Red: Long Black Spike Collar

Rare: Little less than Rare Bow and Arrows

Scary Antlers: A little more than Rare Gazelle Horns, Rare Bow and Arrow, Rare Party Hat

Rare Gazelle Horns: Rare Bow and Arrow, Fox Hat (before it came back), Books, Basketball

The unreleased ones aren't worth anything because they don't exist in the game. 

Despite any of these colours, if you have just 1 (not the Rare Gazelle Horns or the Scary Antlers), you are unquestionably rare! There was also a glitch where the name was turned into Gazelle Horn. Later, AJHQ fixed the glitch and the original name was shown again.

Gazelle Horns

Unreleased Gazelle Horns

Scary Antlers

Rare Gazelle Horns

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Animal Jam - Scammers (List #4)

     I was walking around in Aldan and spotted scammers very quickly. Don't fall for any of their tricks, since they can think of many different tactics of scamming!

1. littlejiggle
2. coolbro956
3. parkourkid123
4. djstst
5. Therising
6. Scheme
7. Markust0404 
8. wemmyboo
9. chocolatechipmint
10. sealie23

I will soon the post the different tactics scammers use!

Animal Jam - Rare and Famous Jammers (List #2)

     This is my second list for the rare and famous Jammers in Animal Jam. 

1. NorthernKing - (famous and a little rare) - caught scamming VisualEffects, is part of the northerns.

2. TheVenommm - (a little rare) - when people see her, they love to hang out with her. She has some big fans.

3. cesha123 - (a little rare and scams BIG) - well-known for scamming, which is not something to be proud about. She scammed a Spike Collar, I think.

4. DarkLight67 - (famous and rare) - he is quite rare, and has increased popularity because of his friendship with Julian2. 

5. azan1234 - (famous and rare) - people says he has like 30 spikes, probably true. He increased popularity doing flashing with Julian2.

6. paola1223 - (very rare) - she has probably a ton of Beards, not very popular.

7. firetigerx - (a little famous and a little rare) - pretty famous for catching scammers, having a blog, and YouTube channel.

8. dragon3210 - (very rare) - has BETA Arctic Hood, 2 Founder's Hats, and non-member Tan Carpet. He isn't very famous.

9. Twinkle0122 - (a little rare) - when people see her, people usually love to hang out with her

10. TwixCandyBar - (famous and a little rare) - she switched accounts, but she is still very rare, people love to hang out with her.

Animal Jam - Scammers (List #3)

     Again, watch out for scammers! Here are some that were caught: 

1. Maria93444
2. misscutewolf28
3. harley12346
4. Therainbowspikes
5. snowflake10704
6. 70pickles70
7. Casandra7
8. NorthernKing
9. Rarer101
10. sasho

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The True Meaning of Animal Jam

     Rares play a major role in Animal Jam. The game was actually designed for 7 year olds, and teenagers play the game. Animal Jam was supposed to be for friendship and fun, and rares just ruined the entire game. Thanks to rares, there is scamming and hacking, and Animal Jam should really ban sending AND trading, and make ALL items come back in store, for rares just make your animal look cooler. Let's say you're new to the game and almost all rare people look down on you and will not buddy you unless if you send them a good rare. All items are rare, except some are less rare than others. The fewer the item, the rarer it is. Now, this causes a lot of problems; because of people's greedy hearts, they go and scam for rares. I understand now of why some Jammers may want to make the decision to scam. Who wants to feel left out? I don't. It's not exactly the scammer's fault, but is the whole judgement of the game. Rares and more rares. Jammers have gone mad over these pixels. You may want some rares because you want to look cool. I finally realize this: these rares are worth nothing! They are just pixels to make you more popular in a game! Go enjoy what Animal Jam is really about instead of worrying about rares, because that will just let you down. YOU should think about your own self being rare, and block all players that won't buddy you, as it may cause even more trouble for you going through all this drama. 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Atlantis Party

     The Atlantis Party is an underwater party for everyone. You must have an underwater animal to access the party. The music of this party is Crystal Reef. There are swirl pools—when you swirl they cause a whirlpool. You can buy underwater den and clothing items here. To buy the underwater clothing items, go up to the top of the party, then click the sale sign below the mermaid statue. There you can buy den items such as Bubble Lamp,  Bubble Speakers, or Bubble Welcome Mat. For clothing, go to the center of the party. You can only buy 4 items as clothing which are: Propeller Hat, Anchor Cap, Wave Necklace, and Trident Necklace. Some of these items are members only. If you buy an underwater item, you cannot use it on land. You can get an anchor or a starfish as a carrying item once you click on it. The party has many luminous lights that give the party a special glow. There are leaves hanging down on the top of the party. Fishes swim around the party, and sometimes you can spot lobsters on top of the ruins. A very popular attraction for the party is the decoration in the lost ruins, you can chat with friends, hang out, and just relax as you enjoy the surroundings. 



Thursday, July 04, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Worn Blankets

     Worn Blankets are a very popular item in Animal Jam. They were sold in the BETA days of October 2010. There is a rare version of the item, which was sold in the Leap Year Party (February 2012). The Rare Worn is purple in colour. The non-rare Worn is rarer than the rare one. They come in 9 colours: green, pink, cream, black, red, brown, light blue, dark purple, and purple (rare). A lot of people get confused by the You can win Worn Blankets in Sky High. These Worn Blankets are worth a Pirate Sword (depending on the colour of the Worn Blanket). They are also worth Short Spike Wristbands. The Black Worn is probably worth a Short Spike Collar or 2 Pirate Swords. Many people want the Worn Blanket for its looks, even though it doesn't look good on them. Jammers like Julian2 wears a ton of his Worn Blankets on his animals, and a lot of Jammers do also. The Worn Blanket is a back item, and is for non-members and members. If you have a Worn Blanket, you shouldn't trade it for now, because there are no rumours that Worn Blankets are coming back.

Worn Blanket

Rare Worn

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Tail Armours

     A very popular rare is the Tail Armour. The Tail Armour wraps around your animal's tail. The Elf Tail Armours are rarer than the normal Tail Armours. But now, Elf Tail Armours are in the Diamond Shop, and dropped a ton of rarity. The Elf Tail Armours come in 8 colours: Dark tan with red, Violet-purple with orange, pink with blue, green with purple, orange with blue, blue, black with blue, and black with white. The normal ones come in 5 colours: tan with red, pink with red, purple with green, green with blue, and white with red. Before the Diamond Shop came out there are what they were worth a lot. Here is a list of what they were worth.

Black with White: Short Spike Collar

Black with Blue: Black Worn

Orange with Blue: Pirate Sword

Blue: Scary Bat Wings + Good BETA

Green with Purple: Scary Bat Wings + Rare Cloud

Pink with Blue: Rare Cloud + Rare Bubble-Tron 5000

Violet-purple with Orange: Rare Cloud

Dark tan with Red: Rare Claw + Rare Party Hat

The Elf Tail Armours were prized possessions before the Diamond Shop came out, and here is the list for normal Tail Armours.

White Tail Armour (Normal) - Rare Bow and Arrow + a small rare

All the other normal Tail Armours - Rare Bow and Arrow + Nature's Archway

There's also another tail armour from Graham's Workshop. It is the Gold and Silver Tail Armour. Currently, it is not worth much but may be worth more soon!

Remember, these are what they were worth BEFORE the Diamond Shop update.

The normal Tail Armours are not released in the Diamond Shop yet. The Tail Armours were monthly gifts of March 2012. They are still beloved items in Animal Jam! 

Animal Jam - (Shops) - Epic Wonders

     The next shop I'm going to talk about is Epic Wonders. Few Jammers do not know this shop. It is located behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons. The design of this shop is a cave. The music of this shop is unknown. This shop can be accessed by using the map. Many Jammers go to this shop, but the items are a bit expensive. Epic Wonders sell clothing and furniture items. To buy clothing items, click on the green orb you will see at the top of the shop; and for furniture, click the blue orb you see when you enter shop. Some clothing you can buy are: Tuxedo Jacket, Zios Mask, Firefly Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Golden Wings, Silver Glove,  Diamond Earrings, Golden Bow and Arrows, Royal Tiara,  Diamond Ring, Dual Samurai Swords, and DJ Headset. Some furniture you can buy are: Crystal Greely Statue,  birthstones for every month, Birthstone Display, Epic Seasonal Tree, Golden Throne, Crystal Table, Fancy Vanity, Pet Princess Castle, Gold Brick, Silver Brick, Bronze Brick, Cake Bake Kitchen, Red Sports Car, Epic Wonders Orb, Ice Thrones, Princess Carriage, Shadow Garden, Feast Table, and Giant Wolf Plushie. The Diamond Earrings, Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace, and Royal Tiara are animated items, all of them glitter when you wear them. Remember, new ones are always coming! 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Founder's Hat

     The Founders Hat is the most valuable BETA. It was sold for 40 gems in Jam Mart on September 28, 2010. The sell price is 12 gems. The Founder's Hat has grown to be more and more popular and rare. It's really just a yellow top hat, but it's worth a lot. These are worth more than a Long Black Spike Collar, and this item isn't really wanted to for looks, but for the rarity. The Founder's Hat goes on your head and only comes in one colour: yellow, and is a members only item. This item won't make it to the top 10 list for rares and many people in the server Aldan have it. If you have one, keep it until it gets even more rare! (Unless if they come back to the shop.) These are worth:

Rare Long Black Spike Collar + Another BETA

2-3 Open Signs
2 Black Gazelle Horns
3 Rare Long Spike Collars (red, purple)
4 Yellow Sweets (a little more)
4 Planet Walls (a little more)
4 Mira Statues
4 Blue Shag Carpets
4 Blue Vines (a little more)

Monday, July 01, 2013

Animal Jam - (Shops) - Diamond Shop

     The Diamond Shop is a very well-known shop. You can purchase any colour Elf Tail Armours, any colour Legendary Gloves (except golden), Phantom Invasion, non-rare Rainbow Clouds, non-rare Lightning Clouds, Arctic Wolf Plushies, Snow Leopard Plushies, non-rare Giant Lion Plushies, and the full Phoenix set with diamonds. Every member gets a diamond every Tuesday, and everyone can win it at the spin-the-wheel when you log on. Non-members can only transfer diamonds into gems, and can't buy anything in the shop. The shop is mostly hated by rare Jammers, and loved by non-rare Jammers. Animal Jam brought 2 good rares back using the Diamond Shop (Elf Tail Armour and Legendary Glove). Many Jammers worked hard for their rares, and they just came back, and now they are worth nothing! I had 2 Elf Tail Armours, and now I put them off my trade list because of the Diamond Shop. I like the Diamond Shop, but I wish they could put rare signs on the real Elf Tail Armours and Legendary Gloves, because that way we can tell them apart (just like the clouds). But I am happy that people can look cool in these items, and my buddies are all happy. You can also buy the Diamond Shop music, which is called Mystical Morning for 1 diamond! Tell me what you think about the Diamond Shop!

Animal Jam - (Shops) - Jam Mart

     In Animal Jam, there are tons of shops to go to. Some shops sell clothing, and some shops sell furniture. The first shop I will talk about is Jam Mart. It's a very popular shop, and a lot of Jammers know it. It is located in Jamaa Township, which is usually the first place you land when you log on. This shop is a clothing type of shop, selling various types of clothing, back items, head items, neck items, and feet items. You can also recycle your clothes in this shop. You can access this shop by clicking on your animal, and clicking the shop button. Things come and go in this shop. Rare Item Mondays are usually located in Jam Mart. The clothing in this shop is reasonably priced. There are a lot of pages of clothing. Most of the clothing you can buy are unwanted, but many non-rare non-members wear them, and most of them are member only items. I like Jam Mart because new stuff come every month. Jam Mart is the most well-known shop in Animal Jam. 

Animals of Animal Jam

     In Animal Jam, every Jammer is an animal. New animals always come out. Many Jammers dress up their animal, to express how they want to look, and what they want their animal to be. Animals can be both genders, no matter what gender you are. You can design its pattern, pattern colour, eyes, eye colours, and skin colour (2 colours for the skin). There are many different types of animals, and such include horses, bunnies, penguins, elephants, seals, dolphins, lions, etc. Lots of these animals are member animals, and when you're a non-member, you can only have a maximum of 2 animals. Non-member animals are: bunnies, wolves, seals, sea turtles, penguins, monkeys, tigers, pandas, and koalas. Member animals include: horses, lions, arctic wolves, dolphins, snow leopards, rhinos, giraffes, kangaroos, raccoons, crocodiles, sharks, foxes, elephants, and octopuses. Each animal comes with a unique dance move, sit, sleep, hop, and play. Ocean animals come with a unique pose, swirl, dance, and play. The speed of these animals are approximately the same. 

Most popular animal: Arctic wolf

Most popular eye colour: Black

Most popular pattern: None

These are some facts about the animals in Animal Jam.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rare Airplane Wings

     Rare Airplane Wings are an underwater clothing item. These items are pretty rare. They were sold in Bahari Bargains in September 2011. This item is members only. Rare Airplane Wings were worn on the back. The rare ones came in 8 colours: Red with white, black with white, silver with white, yellow with white, green with white, orange with white, blue with white, and lavender with white. These wings are worth a Rare Clouds, Spike Wristbands, Rare Bubble-Tron 5000s, Pirate Swords. This item is unwanted because it's an underwater clothing item. This item is rarely seen on a Jammer's trade list. To me, they look quite silly on your underwater animals. Keep these items until you get better trades for them!