Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Animal Jam - (Areas) - Jamaa Township

    Jamaa Township is probably the most well-known place in all of Jamaa. You will land in Jamaa Township when you create a new account. Jam Mart, Jam Mart Furniture, Sol Arcade, Club Geoz, and the Diamond Shop is all located in Jamaa Township. The statue of Mira (The Sky Mother) is at the very top of Jamaa Township. The sun's raise set onto Mira, as she is the most honoured creature in Jamaa. She is in the middle of a crumpled building, safely protected. You can find a beautiful fountain at the bottom, and you can play Ducky Dash, River Race, and Jamaa Derby here. A bridge in Jamaa Township leads to Appondale. You can walk to Lost Temple of Zios and Sarepia Forest from Jamaa Township.



  1. I just love hanging out by the Mira Statue during spring. It seems so peaceful.

  2. You can also see jammers having parties at their den and other stuff