Friday, July 05, 2013

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Atlantis Party

     The Atlantis Party is an underwater party for everyone. You must have an underwater animal to access the party. The music of this party is Crystal Reef. There are swirl pools—when you swirl they cause a whirlpool. You can buy underwater den and clothing items here. To buy the underwater clothing items, go up to the top of the party, then click the sale sign below the mermaid statue. There you can buy den items such as Bubble Lamp,  Bubble Speakers, or Bubble Welcome Mat. For clothing, go to the center of the party. You can only buy 4 items as clothing which are: Propeller Hat, Anchor Cap, Wave Necklace, and Trident Necklace. Some of these items are members only. If you buy an underwater item, you cannot use it on land. You can get an anchor or a starfish as a carrying item once you click on it. The party has many luminous lights that give the party a special glow. There are leaves hanging down on the top of the party. Fishes swim around the party, and sometimes you can spot lobsters on top of the ruins. A very popular attraction for the party is the decoration in the lost ruins, you can chat with friends, hang out, and just relax as you enjoy the surroundings.