Monday, July 01, 2013

Animal Jam - (Shops) - Jam Mart

     In Animal Jam, there are tons of shops to go to. Some shops sell clothing, and some shops sell furniture. The first shop I will talk about is Jam Mart. It's a very popular shop, and a lot of Jammers know it. It is located in Jamaa Township, which is usually the first place you land when you log on. This shop is a clothing type of shop, selling various types of clothing, back items, head items, neck items, and feet items. You can also recycle your clothes in this shop. You can access this shop by clicking on your animal, and clicking the shop button. Things come and go in this shop. Rare Item Mondays are usually located in Jam Mart. The clothing in this shop is reasonably priced. There are a lot of pages of clothing. Most of the clothing you can buy are unwanted, but many non-rare non-members wear them, and most of them are member only items. I like Jam Mart because new stuff come every month. Jam Mart is the most well-known shop in Animal Jam. 


  1. wow your pics are high definition!!!!

  2. U can also access it in ur inventory

  3. Umm... she already said you can access it from your inventory. Did you even read that part?