Monday, July 01, 2013

Animals of Animal Jam

     In Animal Jam, every Jammer is an animal. New animals always come out. Many Jammers dress up their animal, to express how they want to look, and what they want their animal to be. Animals can be both genders, no matter what gender you are. You can design its pattern, pattern colour, eyes, eye colours, and skin colour (2 colours for the skin). There are many different types of animals, and such include horses, bunnies, penguins, elephants, seals, dolphins, lions, etc. Lots of these animals are member animals, and when you're a non-member, you can only have a maximum of 2 animals. Non-member animals are: bunnies, wolves, seals, sea turtles, penguins, monkeys, tigers, pandas, and koalas. Member animals include: horses, lions, arctic wolves, dolphins, snow leopards, rhinos, giraffes, kangaroos, raccoons, crocodiles, sharks, foxes, elephants, and octopuses. Each animal comes with a unique dance move, sit, sleep, hop, and play. Ocean animals come with a unique pose, swirl, dance, and play. The speed of these animals are approximately the same. 

Most popular animal: Arctic wolf

Most popular eye colour: Black

Most popular pattern: None

These are some facts about the animals in Animal Jam.


  1. i love animal jam the cheetah is coming i am fish301

  2. My fav: Arctic wolf and bunny XD

    1. I like the horse and dolphin.

    2. Love the penguins. My penguin was my very first animal and i loved the adventures too so i got my penguin up to level 13 then i got my membership. im CutieTinyWaddles

  3. im writing another coment LOL! im petzco AGAIN. if your having trouble what the next animals going to be ( this is for AJHQ) hows possom, lynx and polor bears for ideas? if u like them add them and if your having trouble for the next pet u could add bee's, ant's, pet phantoms and pet beetles. Hope u like my ideas! please reply if u wish thank u!

  4. my fave: snow leopard!!!!! and maybe arctic wolf and cheetah but i dont have the arctic wolf hope i get it when im member again.