Monday, December 30, 2013

King Piggy Wig's Wedding!

     King Piggy Wig just had a wedding. He was married to a candy cane (you know his love for candy). There was a best man, ring bearer, and even a bridesmaid! King Piggy Wig loves his candy cane so much, he wants it to be in the SWAG Team, I doubt that's happening.

~missrarityisawesome & CanadiansAreAwesome
With the help of helicopterfight

The ceremony

Certificate of Marriage

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Blog Office Contest Winners!

     I wrote down the names of the people participating, and there are 2 winners: missrarityisawesome and helicopterfight! Congratulations to these 2 lucky Jammers! 

Sorry to everyone else who participated, but good try though!


We still have 1 more spot! The winner of the Christmas party will win!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mythical Battles (Animal Jam Stories #1) ~Episodes 11-20 + Christmas Special~

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Mira Statue

     The Mira Statue was released the same time as the Zios Sculpture did. It is a member land den item. It has Mira standing on top of the podium-like object. It is rich in colour, and many Jammers have longed for this item.

It is worth:
Yellow Sweets
Zios Sculpture
Mechanical Angel Helmet
Rare Short Spike Collar (certain colours)
Art Easel
Blue Shag Carpet

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Porch Swing

     The Porch Swing is quite a valuable BETA, according to some Jammers. It is a swing made out of wood, and is a den item (of course). What it's worth are as follows:

Long Spike Wristband (certain colours)
BETA Robot
RC Car
Mira Statue (you may have to add)
Zios Sculpture
BETA Television

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Moon Dirt

     The BETA Moon Dirt Flooring is a SUPER rare item. This item is probably the rarest flooring ever (besides the Tan Carpet). It's a flooring item, and is very rarely seen on a Jammer's trade list.

It's worth:

Gazelle Horns (certain colours)
Open Sign 
Rare Short/Long Spike Collar (certain colours)
Tan Carpet (non-member)
2 BETA Robots
2+ Rare Clouds
2+ River Race
2 Zios Sculpture
2 Mira Statues (maybe less)
2+ Cami's Frog
Other good den BETAs

Animal Jam - (Rares) - RC Car

     The RC Car is quite a valuable item. Once you put it in your den, it's really small. It's purple with a blue window. This is what it's worth:

Cami's Frog
Porch Swing
Rare Cloud (maybe more)
2 BETA Blue Tables
BETA Robot

The RC Car (like most BETAs) is hard to be seen on a Jammer's trade list.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Old Blanket

     The Old Blanket is a valuable BETA. It's lighter than the blanket you get at the Hot Cocoa Hut. It's a body item, and is worth the old Pirate Sword (before it came out). Anyways, here's a list of what it's worth:

Fish Fountain
BETA Tiara
BETA Old Table
AJHQ Plague
Rare Cloud (maybe more)
Porch Swing
This item is rarely seen on a Jammer's trade list. If you have 1, try to bribe someone to overtrade it, as some Jammers think it's very rare, even though it has moderate rarity.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas Party!

      The Christmas party is at froggypie1's den on Christmas day at 6:00 pm PST, 2:00 am GMT, or 9:00 ET. Go to my den to get the tickets, and froggypie1 will let you in. But that's not all, every one of you that enters gets a better chance on winning the blog office contest. Click here for more details. 
Grand prize: Epic Crocodile Plushie + Fish Fountain

Hope to see you all there!

Make sure to comment below to register, and get the tickets at my den on that day!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fart Party

     The Fart Party was awesome! Everyone who attended got a Fart-tron 5,000! Some lucky ones even got a non-member tan carpet, an open sign, or even a rare spike collar (long)! There were approximately 20 people who attended.

So long, peeps!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fart Party at destrucktar's Den!

Dear all Jammers of Jamaa,

     This is destrucktar reporting. There is going to be a Fart Party at my den, hosted by me, destrucktar, and Duchess Gassyelephant. Make sure to dress up black. Then I'll do a draw, and the Jammer who wins gets to be on an evil team with and a Fart-tron (bubble-tron)! So make sure to attend, this will be the darkest and scariest party of the century!

Time: 2013/11/27 at 3:30 pm Pacific Standard Time!


There's going to be stinky tea! I will not tell you what's in it, because it's a secret. And if you wanna know SO badly, trade me a super rare item. Thank you, and may all evil Jammers live!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blog Office Contest

     We have a new blog office member: pennybunny! 

     Anyways, this gives me the idea to make a blog office contest. In the comments below, write just your username, and I will draw the winner on 2013/12/25, also known as Christmas. 

     But there's more. Once you're in the blog office, I will give you my e-mail address, and the password to access the blog. You may edit the blog whenever and wherever you want, and I will inform you if there's a password change (which probably won't happen). You are allowed to change the password, but you must tell me what you changed it to. Additionally, you get to make up new surveys!


     Please be responsible, handling a blog means checking over the comments, and replying to them. Make sure you know a ton of information about the most general things of Animal Jam, and things that people will often ask. Plus, I'll give you my password to Animal Jam so you can take pictures of the landscape, rares, and such. Please do not take any of my rares, because if any are gone, I know who took them...

Good luck!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Play-as-your-Pet Party

     The new Animal Jam Play-as-your-Pet Party has caused an uproar! This new party is by far the most unique party ever. Why? Because you get to play as your pet! Your pet gets 2 moves: dance and play. You can also switch pets during the party. It's good if you have a flying pet (such as hummingbird, owl, butterfly, or bat), and you can access a secret shop at the top of the party, where you can even buy a mini car for your pet! All the items in this party is non-member except for the Pet Table and Pet Chair. 


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Animal Jam - Mailtime: Black Rhino Helmet

Click here to go to my first Mailtime video, where I get a Black Rhino Helmet, a Rare Claw, 2 First Birthday Cakes, and much more! Thank you to PenguinFamily for donating those items. If I get more items for Mailtime, I promise to do more rarer giveaways!


Animal Jam - (Rares) - Brick Walls

     BETA Red Brick Walls are really rare items. I've tried to trade lots of my rare items for 1, but every Jammer that I saw who had it declined. I'm pretty sure they're worth a Rare Short Spike Collar. Although I do not think these are worth Rare Long Spike Collars, you may get lucky. This item's rarity varies by different people's aspects. I honestly don't see it very often. Like more BETAs, BETA Red Brick Walls are worth other BETA wallpapers and rares:

Yellow Sweets
Mira Statue
Not quite a Moon Dirt flooring 
Spaceship Walls
A little more than Planet Walls

If you have these Red Brick Walls, you're quite fortunate! BETA wallpaper is NOT rumoured to come back to Animal Jam. Make sure to trade it for something good!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Firepit

     The BETA Firepit is 1 of the most beloved items in Animal Jam. It is an animated item. It is surrounded with rocks and coal, with a fire blazing in the middle. Firepits are worth Worn Blankets before they came back in Adventures BETA. It's also worth lots of the BETA wallpapers and den flooring. The Firepit is worth:

Yellow Sweets
Mira Statue
Gazelle Horns (certain colours)
Spaceship Walls
Planet Walls
Red Brick Walls
Rare Long Spike Collars (certain colours)
2 Blue Vines
2 Porch Swings (approximately)

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Pink Forest Walls

     Pink Forest Walls are quite a valuable BETA. They are worth a Red Worn (the used to be). I'm not quite sure what exactly they're worth, but they should be worth: 

Blue Shag Carpet
Yellow Sweets 
Planet Walls 
Rare Short Spike Collar 
Blue Vines 
Mira Statue 

These are a member item. You should keep them and wait until they get more rare. Like most BETAs, they only come in 1 form. 

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Sidekix Plushies

     Sidekix Plushies are similar to buying rares. These plushies are worth quite a lot. At Animal Jam Outfitters, they cost $11.95 each. There is also a Mega Plushie Pack which costs $49.95 and it comes with 5 Sidekix Plushies: Fox, Wolf, Tiger, Bunny, and Penguin. Sidekix Plushies are worth from BETAs to rares. 

     What are they worth? Well, depending on the plushie, and the rarity scale from rarest to lowest is: panda, crocodile, giraffe, bunny, penguin, fox, wolf, and tiger. The panda and crocodile is worth a Long Spike Wristband (certain colours). The giraffe is worth a Rare Cloud (any type). The bunny is worth a BETA Candy Basket or a BETA Fish Fountain. The penguin is worth up to 4 Rare Bow and Arrows. The fox is worth about a penguin, but a little less. Wolf and tiger are worth the same thing. 2-3 of these plushies can get you a Zios Sculpture. They should all be worth some some of BETA.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Adventures - More Gems and Courage

     Tons of players play Adventures BETA. One reason: gems. I care about the courage, but I'm pretty sure many Jammers need the gems more. Anyways, I have been wondering which Adventures BETA gives you the most gems or courage or both in the quickest way. You are welcomed to tell people which Adventures should be avoided if you were playing it for these reasons. Here are some responses I've heard from interviewing several Jammers:

     "Well, if you want to focus on gems and courage, do The Hive. It's only available to members only though. I recommend hard mode. Make sure to capture all phantoms and break all phantom pods. Get all the treasure chests, too. Try to do it by yourself, it may take around 15-25 minutes, but it's worth it! Oh, and, make sure to light the firepits with torches, they give you extra courage. Try going as a horse or an elephant to open the secret passage, you'll get a bonus treasure chest, and you can sell the item you get for gems. Additionally, you'll get +25 courage, too! If you kill the Phantom King, you will get +200 courage. REMEMBER TO CHOOSE THE THIRD CHEST, YOU WILL GET 1,500 GEMS AS A BONUS AT THE END! For non-members, I think Return of the Phantoms (normal mode) will get you tons of gems and courage. Hard mode has gotten much harder since Animal Jam made it so that when you die, the key/cork will drop in the spot where you died. I used to just get key/cork; wait until the phantoms zap me till I die, then I will respawn at the respawning place. That's a shortcut. But now I would suggest Return of the Phantoms normal mode. REMEMBER TO CHOOSE THE FOURTH CHEST, YOU GET 500 GEMS AS A BONUS!" -Grand Happyhorse

     "For courage, do The Great Escape, you get tons of courage! Those light beam thingies give you +25 courage each! If you are looking for gems, do not do that. It will only give about 700-800 gems each time you complete it." -Juniper Berrydolphin

     "For gems, do Meet Cosmo. It wastes about 30-60 minutes. Yes, it takes very long, but you'll get a satisfying amount of gems. You should get about 3,000 to 4,000 gems. It is by far the longest Adventure there is; but it is worth the gems. For courage, I recommend Return of the Phantoms (normal or hard mode). Please make sure to avoid The Phantom Portal; that one is not very worth it. It takes quite long, about 15-25 minutes, and you barely get any courage or gems!" -Old Grandpaw


     "Just do Return of the Phantoms. Super short, but you get tons of courage and gems. That's how many non-members leveled up fast. That's all they did." -Twinkle Berrypaw

     "Well, I've done all the Adventures, and by far I find The Hive the best one for courage. You get +200 courage for killing that awkward Phantom King in hard and normal mode. Do it, it won't fail you!" -Arctic Wolf

     "I don't normally play Adventures BETA, since I am a non-member and they get really boring. But I usually do Return of the Phantoms for gems and courage. Try not to do the Phantom Portal." -Knight Magicmajor

     "I play Adventures BETA all the time! I am currently level 14 and I play The Hive to get to this high level. It's really cool. I just killed the Phantom King several times, and you should be boosted with loads of gems and courage." -Arctic Wolf

     "Playing Adventures BETA is the only reason I have more than 8,000 gems right now! It is awesome! My strategy? Play Return of the Phantoms. Really quick, and get you a load of gems. About 1,000 gems per round." -King of the Jungle

     Make sure to leave your opinion on the advantages and the disadvantages of the Adventures below in the comments. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013


     Hi Jammers! If you would like to be interviewed, or interview me, you are welcomed to do so. I have a schedule: 

Weekdays: Usually around 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm. 
Weekends and holidays: Free any time before 10:00 pm and after 10:00 am. 

Location: MeiAn's den Details: It would be helpful to jam-a-gram me when you are going to interview me or be interviewed. 

If you are a non-member, jam-a-gram me for these following times: Cheetahs rock! means around 10:00 am. 
Kangaroos rock! means around 11:00 am. 
Arctic wolves rock! means around 12:00 pm. (Noon) 
Snow leopards! rock means around 1:00 pm. 
Lions rock! means around 2:00 pm. 
Elephants rock! means around 3:00 pm. 
Koalas rock! means around 4:00 pm. 
Raccoons rock! means around 5:00 pm. 
Monkeys rock! means around 6:00 pm. 
Foxes rock! means around 7:00 pm. 
Horses rock! means around 8:00 pm. 
Crocs rock! means around 9:00 pm. 
Tigers rock! means around 10:00 pm. 

Say if you want your interview on Monday, send me a jam-a-gram on Sunday, so I will know. There can be more than 1 person there. If you want to change the location, state that in the jam-a-gram. Non-members will tell me in person. If you do not show up in 30 minutes, I will leave. (Sorry)! 


You can also request interviews for any other person as well. Just jam-a-gram me and I will jam-a-gram the person you want to interview. You can also type the time slot you want in the comments. The interview can last at most 1 hour. 
Thank you! 

Friday, October 04, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - BETA Candy Basket

     The BETA Candy Basket is by far my favourite BETA of all Animal Jam. It's not that rare. Not as rare as Yellow Sweets, Moon Dirt, etc. But it used to be worth a Legendary Glove, but since Legendary Gloves are in the Diamond Shop, then now no. The Legendary Glove used to be worth (depending on the colour) a BETA Porch Swing, a Sidekix Plushie (any kind), and you can add so it's worth a BETA Firepit or a Fish Fountain. This BETA is rarely seen, I'm the only person I know who has it. Many BETA people have this item, but they NEVER put it on their trade list, only because there are a million more BETAs worth more than this particular one. If you have a Candy Basket, and you want to trade it away, make sure you get a good deal out of it. Some people are so naive they will offer something good for it just because they don't see it very often. 

Animal Jam - Giveaway #3

     Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I was really busy and such. Anyway, I promised I would do a BETTER and RARER giveaway. So here is it: I'm giving away an Artist Plague! This giveaway ends 2013/10/31, so on Halloween. The winner will be announced on the following day.

If you have joined my other giveaways, you've probably experienced this. If you haven't or you've forgotten, all you need to do is enter your username. That's IT. No need to tell me why you want the item, because I know why many Jammers want it: to become more rare. Furthermore, let's get this giveaway started!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ideas on Making Animal Jam More Fun

     I've recently had a poll where I wanted Jammers to vote on what would make Animal Jam better. Yes, a lot of people have been telling me to make it more violent, since a lot of non-little kids play it. There are teenagers who play Animal Jam, even old grandpas and grandmas! On the poll, you got to vote:
  • Animal Jam should be more violent
  • Animal Jam should involve less scamming
  • It should be easier to get rares
  • Other
It seemed that many people wanted Animal Jam to have less scamming, I agree. Here are some suggestions that Animal Jam people have pointed out:

"I wish Animal Jam could be a little violent. Phantom Adventures used to be a little fun, but not anymore. Why do you HAVE TO trap the phantoms instead of just killing them?" ~Awesome Happyjammer

"Animal Jam should definitely involve lesser scamming. I've been scammed 17 times in 3 months! I think Animal Jam should give you back the rare that was scammed from you, because every time I e-mail them, they don't even help!" ~Emperor Oldbunny

"I love Animal Jam very much, but I wouldn't say it's perfect. It has a lot of perfecting to do. They won't even help when you e-mail them, it's unfair. Animal Jam is also getting a little more boring everyday, there's not enough adventure! Even in Phantom Adventures, it's annoying how you can't use weapons like swords or or bow and arrows to kill them. There is also a ton of scamming. I don't mind being scammed, but AJHQ never helps return the item onto your account." ~Juniper Arcticpaw

"Animal Jam is a bit fast for me. They keep updating it, and I don't get to enjoy much of the game. Like when they brought out the Wind Armour, another armour came, and I didn't even save up enough diamonds for it. Also, in Adventures BETA, there are barely any good prizes, so AJHQ should really make them have better prizes. Animal Jam should bring all the rares back, and ban trading and sending, so that rares won't even matter in the game." ~Major Majormajor

As you can see, I haven't mentioned anyone's usernames, but you know who you are! Some people say that Animal Jam is perfect the way it is. You are welcomed to leave your opinion on the comments below. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Cami's Frog

     Cami's Frog has an interesting story behind the item. It was made because a girl was diagnosed with Leukemia. Before Cami was even born, her dad, Pat, picked out a frog plushie for her, and Cami named it Froggy. Cami slept with Froggy every night! Pat worked for Smart Bomb, and made Cami's Frog an actual item in Animal Jam, and now it's quite rare. Anyways, Cami took Froggy everywhere she went, even to the hospital! The last 6 weeks, when Cami was in the hospital, Froggy was used as a pillow and thrown across the room in a steroid rage. But Cami's family also threw a big party for Froggy. The family even played pin the fly on the Froggy! I'm not sure if she died of cancer or not. 

     Cami's Frog is actually pretty rare, it's worth the First Birthday Cake! Of course, the First Birthday Cake will eventually be worth more someday, but Cami's Frog isn't a super BETA. It's also worth these items: 

Fish Fountain 
Some Bongos + another rare 
2 Gecko Banners
Rare Cloud 
Rare Spike Wristband
Art Easel
Rare Claw
Crocodile Sidekix Plushie
AJHQ Plague

These are good items to add on to a trade for Zios Sculpture. This item is definitely a good touch to any plushie collection! Cami's Frog costed 100 gems back in the BETA days. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Penguins Only Party

     The Penguins Only Party is a cold icy party, and has a landscape similar to the one like Mt. Shiveer. You can buy 7 items there, such as: Penguin Flag, Ice Couch, Penguin Mat, Igloo Pet House, and of course, the party music, Chillin' Out. There are 2 carrying items, which are the snow come and the hot air balloon. The design is like a iceberg, and at the peak, you can make your penguin freeze up. The are 2 big slides, and 1 slide leads to a pool, whereas if you froze your penguin, the ice will randomly fall off. The clouds at the top look fake, but wispy. The sky is clear blue. Also, at the bottom of the party, there are some tiny icebergs drifting apart from the large one. I have to say that the Penguins Only Party is a paradise for all penguins! 

Animal Jam's Third Birthday!

     Did you know that it's Animal Jam's third birthday? You will get a cake by entering the code: AJBDAY3. You'll get a cake that will display Mt. Shiveer with the number 3 on it. You should try not to trade these away yet, because they'll be worth more later on in the future. So, make sure to save them till 10 years later (if Animal Jam is still around that time, or if you haven't ditched it). I think the appearance is quite cool, with Mt. Shiveer and its hot tub and Hot Cocoa Hut. I'd say it looks quite neat! 

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Animal Jam - Rare and Famous Jammers (List #3)

     Hello, and this is the third list (finally!) of the rare and/or famous Jammers! Again, there are many out there, and these are just another 10 different people. 

1. xxpatrick2013xx - (a little rare) - first off, he is a big scammer, he scams people by doing flashing. He has 2 Founder's Hats (no kidding!) He is famous for scamming.

2. KingAlmighty - (quite famous and a little rare) - he used to have lots of spikes, but traded them all for 2 Long Black Spike Collars. He is famous for having lots of spikes (or used to have a lot of them).

3. Eatcandy - (a little rare) - okay, she is rare, no doubt. She has a Founder's Hat! But look at her achievements, doesn't seem like she was playing for that long. I mean, you can count her achievements, that's how little there are! I think she is a hacker. She is famous for having a Founder's Hat.

4. TheAwesomeLegendOfMe - (a little rare) - she used to have a Long Black Spike Collar, she isn't so famous, but now she does have Black Gazelle Horns. She isn't that famous, but people LOVE to hang out with her. She's just rare.

5. betaseal - (a little rare) - when I met her, she only had 1 Long Spike Collar, but now she has a Long Black Spike Collar, I wonder how she got that. She isn't very famous, but is getting more fame... She's just rare, and not very famous.

6. Mysticember - (a little rare) - he isn't famous at all, but he does have a Long Black Spike Collar, I think he got hacked, since he's only a lion with a backpack... But when Jammers saw him, they loved hanging out with him. He's just rare, and not very famous.

7. nathanjohn - (rare) - nathanjohn has several Long Spike Collars, and he sent me Scary Bat Wings. He used to be not very famous, but his showings on Julian2's videos have made him quite popular. 

8. NebulaStar - (very rare) - he qualifies for the top 10 rarest Jammers of Animal Jam. NebulaStar has beards and items like that. He is getting more famous, because Julian2 showed him on a video.

9. SolidBlackTopHatsX3 - (a little rare) - he isn't very famous, but he's got a Long Black Spike Collar. He isn't famous at all, but is quite rare.

10. YannyCat - (famous) - he's Julian2's storage account, so that's how he got his fame, but he got hacked (or at least that's what Julian2 said). 

Friday, September 06, 2013

Animal Jam Giveaway #2

     This is a giveaway for Freedom Wings. All you need to do is put your username down and I will draw a random player. Thank you for participating. Oh, and by the way, it's not necessary to put your non-member or member status, since I will know when I search up your username on Animal Jam. Good luck to all!

Contest ends: 2013/9/12


A reason you want it is NOT necessary, because it's not going to increase your chance on winning when you put it down. It just lets me get a general idea of why you want it. Again, good luck! I promise the next giveaway prize is going to be rarer than this one. 

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Animal Jam - (Areas) - Crystal Reef

     Crystal Reef is the most popular underwater area. It is teeming with sea life there. There is ladder in Crystal Reef to lead you to Crystal Sands, and you can access Flippers 'N Fins there, which is the underwater pet shop. You can also play 1 game: Eat 'Em Up. There is a journey book page for this area with 12 creatures in it: marlin, humpback whale, stingray, lobster, pufferfish, acorn barnacle, feather duster worm, staghorn coral, brain coral, tube sponge, flounder, and a clownfish. The prize is a pufferfish plushie. Crystal Reef leads to Deep Blue and Bahari Bay. Many times while you're there, you will see many different colour fishes swimming by, such as the yellow ones at the top, the striped ones in the middle, and the blue ones at the bottom. It's very bright in this area. Often, you will see bubbles floating around. Like most underwater areas, it's not very popular in the land of Jamaa. The Crystal Reef is a perfect area for all fans of the coral reef, and definitely holds all the colours of the rainbow! 

Animal Jam - (Dens) - Lost Ruins

     Lost Ruins is one of the few underwater dens. This den is the largest of the underwater dens, and it has these columns which makes it look like something in the Atlantis Party. There's a lot of seaweeds surrounding the bottom of the den. The den has a pretty spacious living room, which is the room at the bottom. Then there are rocks that lead up to a little attic-like room at the top. Some of the columns are cracked, which is kinda a mystery why. At the very top, you can see the sun's rays setting upon the attic-like room. By the way, that room is really small, and can only fit desks and stuff like that. At the top right corner, you'll see another temple thingy type of structure. It looks like where you worship Zeus. There are green seaweed surrounding the temple building. Sometimes, a few bubbles may pop up at this den. This den costs 3,500 gems. If you love Atlantis, this is the perfect den for you!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Animal Jam - infinitymagicheroisback Caught Scamming

     infinitymagicheroisback was caught scamming by my friend. He is the other Jammer that has an Orange Beard, other than VisualEffects, take a look at this picture. 

This picture was sent to me by e-mail by a friend who also plays Animal Jam. She isn't that rare though, and is a non-member. Tell me what you think down below in the comments. If this is fake, do not blame me, ask my friend, TigerLily105070, since she is the one who has shown me this. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Summer Carnival

     The Summer Carnival is a limited time only party. It comes once every year in Summer. The party lasts about 3 months. You can make cotton candy, and if you make the cotton candy's colours black, white, then black again, it will appear as a phantom! At the center of the party, there is a treasure chest, a big bag, a crate, and a large box. I wonder what's in it. You can also earn tickets by playing the games featured there. The cost of one game is 5 gems. Games include Candy Catch, Whack-a-Phantom, Carnival Darts, and Phantom Ball. It's really slow when you play the games, so you can just buy tickets with your gems if you want one of the items there. You can also see a stand where you can print and colour pictures. You can win clothing or den items. There are many big plushies, which is for members only. Non-members can access the mini plushies and the Bundle of Balloons. The music to the Summer Carnival is unknown.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - tehrealscribblepaws

     Hello Jammers. Someone requested me to do a Jammer fact on them. His Animal Jam username is tehrealscribblepaws! Apparently, he gets Rare Item Mondays from random people, and doesn't even ask for them. Sure, he may not be as famous as Julian2 or bepper, but I don't even get rares sent to me very often! People have sent him items such as Rare Freedom Cape, Rare Star Cape, and some other rare items (which I forgot what they were), sometimes good BETAs. He will send a rare back if it's cool. His old account was called scribblepaws, but it got hacked. Make sure to buddy him! tehrealscribblepaws only buddies people whom he trusts. He seems real nice. tehrealscribblepaws doesn't seem much of a scammer, but I do not know much things about him though. He does Warrior Cats RP. His nickname on Animal Jam is Chaos. If anybody knows more, post in the comments and I will update. Happy jamming, and talk to me on either on Animal Jam or on this blog's comments! I will post about you, but it may take some time. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Jamaa Map

     The map of Jamaa is very unique, and I think it's drawn very well! Well, the map used to look like this:

I've gotta say, this map looks mixed up. If you look closely at Jamaa Township and Sarepia Forest, they look like they're connected. They colours of this map of bright, and I don't know how to explain it, but the map looks like the areas are in the wrong places.

Now, take a look at the new and improved map! Kimbara Outback's name has been changed to just Kimbara. It looks the same as the old map before Kimbara Outback came out, except Kimbara Outback just got added on! I wonder what the next Animal Jam area will be...

I definitely like this one better! It's more detailed, and you can see the 4 parts of the underwater areas easily. 

Animal Jam - Scammers (List #5)

Again, watch out for these scammers! Please comment if you have seen one in Animal Jam that scammed you or someone you know. Report them immediately, even though AJHQ basically doesn't care about reports. 

1. fluttershyandrarity
2. Xxspikecollar
3. dragonface
4. Minecraft90486
5. oaksrq
6. vamzombieslayer
7. kotikovski
8. Shimon876
9. JRindler
10. fluffy10070970

By the way, numbers 7, 8, and 9 are a scamming team! They were trying to scam rares by saying: "Send me rares and I'll give you a lion code!" Obvious scam. Probably, they were negotiating and stuff.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - BETA Arctic Hood

     The BETA Arctic Hood is usually confused with the store-brought one. This BETA is extremely rare. What is it worth, exactly? Well, it's worth more than any spike collar. The BETA Arctic Hood is in fact worth more than a Founder's Hat! Someone (which I don't know who) traded a Founder's Hat and Worn Blanket for a BETA Arctic Hood. This arctic hood is a weird blue-ish colour. It looks like the ones that aren't so rare, but if you look closely, the colours of the BETA Arctic Hood is a bit more lighter. These are very hard to spot on a Jammer's trade list. Many Jammers have no idea about this rare existing. If you have a BETA Arctic Hood, you'd better not trade it away for something worthless, because you've got some gold in your hands! Most famous Jammers know about this BETA being very rare.These are worth: 

Founder's Hat
Long Black Spike Collar (a little more)
4 Long Spike Collars (blue, purple, yellow, orange, green)
Magenta Furry Hat
3 Headdresses

Friday, August 23, 2013

Animal Jam Giveaway #1

     I'm about to give away 1 pair of Scary Bat Wings! In the comments, please write your Animal Jam username; and that's all. Everyone has a chance on winning, and I will do a random draw for the winner. 

Contest rules: 
1. Enter your username for Animal Jam if you want to win.
2. Limit 1 entry per player.
3. You will not get better chances if you buddy me on Animal Jam or if you send me rares.
4. The contest ends on 2013/9/4 
Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Animal Jam Membership

     Animal Jam membership is an essential key to making Animal Jam a fun game to play. It is also known as joining the club. Not all people are members, but most of them are. Being a member in Animal Jam means that you access all features of Animal Jam, including playing all the levels of the Phantom Adventures, the ability of changing your item's colour before you buy it, access to all items, own all the animals available, and having a unique den! Membership are split into 4 different types, consisting on how long you will be a member for. 1 month ($5.95), 3 months ($15.95), 6 months ($29.95), and 12 months ($49.95). The 3 month memberships can get you special animals such as the lion or arctic wolf. The membership cards you buy in store (and sadly, not online) will also get you 10 diamonds. That means only people living in USA can have the ability to access this. Oh and, unfortunately, these cards can only be store bought in USA. If you do not live there, you will need to order the cards online, and sometimes through eBay or any other ordering online websites. You can also get them at Animal Jam Outfitters, Animal Jam's online shop. The prices you get through Animal Jam Outfitters are the same as the ones you can buy. But the ones through other ordering websites are usually more expensive. When you order through Animal Jam Outfitters, you won't get the physical card itself, but the code will be sent to you by e-mail. An exclusive 1 week membership can also be obtained through purchasing Sidekix® Plushies. When your membership expires, all your animals will still be there, but you cannot have the ability to use them anymore. All the clothing will be locked until you get more membership. 

Animal Jam - The Phantom Adventures

     The Phantom Adventures are very popular. Every time you complete a round, you win a random prize that you'll choose from 1 of 5 treasure chests that will appear before you. You need to do certain quests it tells you to do, and progress. The first adventure took no longer than 7 minutes, but as AJHQ made harder ones, they took even longer then 15 minutes, sometimes even half an hour! The game is mostly known for its prizes, and gems. Each round, you'd probably get around 1,000 gems. All of the games of the Phantom Adventures are saving a certain type of animal, such as bunnies and koalas. If you play it a lot, you will get experience, otherwise known as courage. Your animal will level up, and once it reaches to a certain level, it will gain more lives. For every animal you have, you must complete the tutorial for him/her to get to level 1. AJHQ also made normal and hard mode, and to be able to participate in hard mode, your animal must be in level 2. People are saying that you can win rares in the Phantom Adventures, such as Freedom Wings, Scary Bat Wings, Worn Blankets, and Rare Bow and Arrows. I'm not sure if that's true, because I've never won them myself. In the comments, please tell me what you have won!