Monday, February 29, 2016

Animal Jam - (Parties) - The Leap Year Party 2016

     I'm going to be honest, I've been waiting so long for this party. It only occurs every 4 years! In 2012, this party was filled with rares such as the Rare Worn and the Rare Beard. However, in this one, it is not. As disappointed as one may be, it's just what it is. This party is themed around frogs since they leap. 

     This party is based around the Treehouse Den and is not very appealing in appearance. It has a simple design with minimal effects added (which is kinda sad). 

     The first floor of this party isn't as well designed as the other parties. The furniture you can buy here is far from good and looks kind of ugly in my opinion. 

      As you can see, you can only buy 6 items, and only 1 is non-member. The items are not worth paying for, though. The design is bland with only the slightest of effort put into them. 

     The second floor is better designed but still can't compare to any of the other parties. You can buy clothes but, again, they're not incredibly fancy or extravagant. 

     You can buy the 'Furry Fox Hat,' which is just another version of the Fox Hat with different colours. Again, you can only buy 6 items, but they don't even look that nice. 

     The third floor is quite tasteless too. I just don't get any feel or vibe to it, yenno what I'm sayin'? 

     Then, there's a super long slide to slide down from the horror of it all (just kidding, just kidding). All in all, it's not a well designed party and needs some revamping. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Chinese New Year Party

     AJHQ has released a party I never really thought they'd release: The Chinese New Year Party! Chinese New Year is also the Lunar New Year (no, it's not all revolved around Chinese people. Don't worry, you'll get your lucky money though). The party is overall pretty good and well-designed. It does bring a sense of Chinese culture. 

     The shop here doesn't have many items, which is kind of sad. I was expecting things like Chinese sculptures, paintings, and whatnot. 

     The food here is pretty traditional to that of a Chinese person. Not a big fan of Chinese food but this table probably appeals to most. 

     I absolutely adore this area. The bamboo shoots provide a feeling of a serene environment as your mind and body reaches equanimity and tranquility. However, I do think that this resembles the stereotypical Chinese pond. 

      Prepare yourself for the waterfall, possibly the funnest fun you'll ever have experienced in a long time! The sunset is also quite emblematic to Chinese New Year (and the fireworks as well!).

     The waterfall slide would be considered a pretty unique slide in Animal Jam. The fact that you don't see the slide makes it different from other slides. I have to say I was caught by surprise when my animal randomly slid down the waterfall!

     The bottom of the waterfall again brings an area of calmness and composure. What a great place to meditate. 

     Last but not least, the night sky of this party is undeniably glorious. At times, you can catch a plethora of fireworks in the sky, granting a show anyone would die for. 

      I personally think this is one of the better parties. Even the music is somewhat iconic to the Chinese culture. Note that you must be a monkey to attend the party (it's the year of the monkey). Anyways, happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it.