Thursday, September 05, 2013

Animal Jam - (Dens) - Lost Ruins

     Lost Ruins is one of the few underwater dens. This den is the largest of the underwater dens, and it has these columns which makes it look like something in the Atlantis Party. There's a lot of seaweeds surrounding the bottom of the den. The den has a pretty spacious living room, which is the room at the bottom. Then there are rocks that lead up to a little attic-like room at the top. Some of the columns are cracked, which is kinda a mystery why. At the very top, you can see the sun's rays setting upon the attic-like room. By the way, that room is really small, and can only fit desks and stuff like that. At the top right corner, you'll see another temple thingy type of structure. It looks like where you worship Zeus. There are green seaweed surrounding the temple building. Sometimes, a few bubbles may pop up at this den. This den costs 3,500 gems. If you love Atlantis, this is the perfect den for you!


  1. cool :D i am grimmbrothers101 HEYYYYY

  2. caik i am aj4971 hellooo

  3. *Facepalm* Athena :I