Sunday, March 20, 2016

Things Animal Jam Should Add

     Animal Jam certainly needs a lot of polishing to do. These are my opinions on what Animal Jam should add to their game. 

1. Changing the colour of your animals
We all know you can change the colour of your animals by selecting colours that are already there. 

As you can see, you can only choose between 50 colours. That may sound like much, but it's definitely not compared to the many colours of visible light in the real world. I would like it if AJHQ added a colour wheel where we can input hex codes or you can simply move your cursor for the colour desired.

2. Changing the colour of your den
Seriously, why isn't this out yet? Since almost every Jammer makes their outfit a certain colour, we should do the same to dens. Therefore, we'd have pink, gray, red, blue, or even green dens. This would undeniably maximize den creativity. Again, it'd be amazing to choose your den colour from a colour wheel, as listed above. Dens should also have 2 colours to choose from, just like animals. 

3. Changing the colour of an item
I know one can change the colour of items by clicking the icon on the lower right hand side when you're purchasing an item. 

Usually, you can choose from 8 colours, but I think we should be able to use the colour wheel to choose the colour of an item. Also, we know that each animal can choose from 2 colours, 'colour 1' and 'colour 2.' Items should definitely have the same option. 

4. Changing the music in a den
There aren't many music choices for your den, and it would be awesome if we had music options from all over Jamaa. The only places where we can buy music is from parties or from your den.
For example, many of the shops' music cannot be bought, such as the Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest. Additionally, many of the Adventures music can't be bought, such as Meet Cosmo. There are several soundtracks in that Adventure alone, and none of the music has been released. Another neat idea would be to upload your own music, but AJHQ would never do that due to Jammers uploading inappropriate soundtracks. 

5. Being able to buy recycled items
People recycle items because they have no need of them anymore. I think people should be able to buy recycle items. If someone wants an item that is no longer in stores, they can easily get it off another Jammer indirectly. This benefits both parties. Of course, a recycling plant would have to be added to Jamaa. 

6. Mythical creatures
Since animals are pretty common in Animal Jam, I think mythical creatures should come. I have wanted this since I first joined and still want this now. My horse, as you can see, is supposed to be a Pegasus. It'd be really cool if Pegasuses, unicorns, griffins, phoenixes, or dragons came to Animal Jam, even though I know it would never happen, since Animal Jam is about learning real animals.

7. Flying animals walking
Wouldn't it be cool to see an eagle walking? I don't know why this hasn't been added yet, but flying isn't the only thing eagles do. Even though it would be pretty pointless, it could be cool if eagles or owls got to slide down slides. 

8. Picking an animal name
We all get to pick a username, but our animals' names are pretty stupid. Wouldn't everyone love to say hello to 'Prince Toughpaw' or 'Round Chunkywolf' (yes, totally)? Why can't we just type in a name we want for our animals (appropriate, of course, since it's Animal Jam). I mean, Webkinz pulled it off, they should be able to too.

9. Item Stats
I think it would be amazing if you could see the stats of an item when you click on it in your inventory or when it's on someone's trade list. The stats could tell you how many colours there are of the item, the quantity, when it was released, how it was brought into Animal Jam (monthly gift, store item, promo item, etc.), and more information regarding it. 

10. Customizing your player card
Every time we click on someone, we see the same old design: the wooden template and the grassy background (it's a beach for animals that can go on land and underwater, and an underwater background for just sea animals). I think AJHQ should bring in some new backgrounds and templates so we can customize our player card. 

11. Underground animals
I'm neutral about this idea, but since we have flying, underwater, and land animals, why not have underground animals? This might even require a new underground map to show the passages and tunnels. 


  1. I totally agree with most of the stuff you have said it would be great if AJHQ did all the stuff you stated, but they probably won't...

  2. Yeah I am not sure why they should do this stuff. They might actually release mythical animals if we ask lots because they could do facts about how people made them up and why

  3. I want them all, especially: The animal color-changer thingy, the den color-changer, customzing your player card, picking animal name's, mythical animals, and last but not least, the recycle idea (idc if I spelt recycle wrong). I have an idea too, you should have the option to customize (like draw or change colors, etc) your jam-a-grams. I think it would be cool, although idk if other people would like it. -Spiritpaw12805


  5. I SUPER REALLY ABSOLUTELY WISH DRAGONS WERE IN ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. I don't really like the idea of changing item colors like that, because then, glitched items would no longer have any value as you can make them instantly. If you could do it with any items that are in your inventory, spikes and other rare items with different color values would be garbage, too.

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