Sunday, January 17, 2016

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Nature Archway

     The Nature Archway is a member den item. It was the July 2012 monthly member gift. These items have gone up a lot because they used to be worth less than a Rare Bow and Arrows. There are 4 types: flower, vine, lava, and ice. The flower Nature Archway is said to be worth the most because of its looks. Nevertheless, this item is still worth quite a lot. 

Flower Nature Archway: 
Short Spike Collar (maybe a long if you're lucky)
10 den BETAs 
Red or Blue Party Hat (you may have to add) 
Headdress (you may have to add)
AJHQ Plaque (a little more) 

Vine Nature Archway: 
Short Spike Collar (maybe a long, but hard to find) 
Elf Tail Armour (a little more) 
9 den BETAs
Blue or Green Party Hat

Ice Nature Archway: 
Long Spike Wristband (possibly a Short Spike Collar)
Neon Bow and Arrows
7 den BETAs
Elf Tail Armour 

Lava Nature Archway:
Long Spike Wristband 
Pink Party Hat 
7 den BETAs
Elf Tail Armour


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  2. Oh btw remember the rare spike post? I was just wondering, are both black rare spikes worth this, and if not, what is the wristband worth?

    Black Gazelle Horns
    Worn Blankets
    Pirate Swords
    Mechanical Angel Helmets
    Rare Clouds
    Raspberry Bow and Arrows
    BETA Robot
    Open Sign
    Blue Shag Carpet
    Mira Statue
    Zios Sculpture
    Porch Swing
    BETA Table
    Brick Walls
    BETA Rosebush
    Spaceship Gray
    Yellow Sweets
    Rhino Helmets

    1. and nowdays, Gazelle Horns aren't worth it,and neither is the Beta Rosebush.

  3. I have a nature lava archway, what does anyone offer?

  4. When I was younger, I was obsessed with the plushies. I didn't know it was rare, and I traded my lava nature archway for a rainbow crocodile plushie. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from giving it away, but I can't. If someone has a lava nature archway, could they please tell me. I am littlewolfpup89. I have pigtails and beta banners.

  5. Anyone have an offer for an ice archway, spidergirl923

  6. I have a vine archway if anyone wants to trade for a party hat ( any color ) and a short spike collar ( good color ) and 2 den betas. my user is greenstone555
    jag me if deal!

    1. That is an over trade...

  7. Hello! I got a flower archway if anyone is willing to trade good for it. It is easily my favorite den item, so I will be a little overprotective unless I get a good deal (not to little or not too much of an over-trade). I am bearforme, so I hope to see you on AJ! I am hopefully going to be more active, I am getting old for AJ (being 13), so I am slowly loosing interest.

    Remember, my username is bearforme!

  8. If anyone has flower or vine archway, jag me at Starwolfie100!

  9. Is spaceship grey and moon dirt worth one? Please tell me if it's over or under!

    1. Heck no! Those are way under!

  10. I got a lava one and all im looking for is a RIM headdress, nothing else. My user is reversevil, I can add (like black top hat or beta elf helmet)

  11. I am looking for a red, green, or white party hat for my ice nature archway. My username is Eeveestaraj

  12. I have stone arch and lava arch. Offers? My channel name is little shu if so

  13. I had an ice one, but someone traded me for it. they gave me an all blue top hat and a short blue wrist. Is that an undertrade or overtrade?

  14. I have lava archway... Part hat for it anybody? im sun499

  15. Just looking at these options mock me. Their like, "HA!! UR NOT RARE!!" XD Im rlly not. The only one I THINK I have a chance of ACTUALLY getting it, is the Ice Archway

  16. Hi :3 I have a lava arch if anyone wants to offer! Jag me if you want to, I'm Nicegirl34167. (I probably won't except buddy requests unless you tell me you want to offer first)

  17. I went on this to see what they are worth, turns out they're now in stores. BYE FOREVER ORANGE LONG :/