Saturday, January 16, 2016

Animal Jam - Types Of Buddies

     Everyone has buddies on Animal Jam. However, all of us have to agree that some are better than others. Some are over-the-top nice and others are could work on their manners. Here it is, the list you've all been waiting for: types of buddies. 

1. The Trading Buddy: These people friended you solely because they wanted an item of yours. These type of buddies are usually permanent, especially if you enjoy trading. 

2. The Buddy Out Of Nowhere: These people are your buddies, but you have no idea where they came from. You literally do nothing with these players and you can't seem to remember how they even ended up on your friend list. 

3. The Beggar Buddy: These buddies are better off your friend list than on. The only reason they wanted to be your 'friend' is because they need you to give them that spike they've always wanted. 

4. The Clueless Friend: Jammers like these have only buddied you because they have no clue on how to play the game. They may be annoying since the only thing they do is follow you around and ask you how to do the simplest of things. 

5. The Cool Buddy: These people are your good friends, not your best, but good enough. Together, you play Adventures, trade, go to each other's dens, roleplay, and talk about stuff. These players make your heart a little bit warmer. 

6. The Clanmate: These type of buddies only apply to people in clans and roleplayers. You've probably roleplayed with these people a million times (and counting). 

7. The Biased Buddy: These Jammers only buddy you because you're rare or famous. Honestly, it's a pretty biased way of gaining buddies and people should never do things out of prejudice, whether it be in Animal Jam or the real world. 

8. The Real Life Friend: These are the few Jammers you know and trust. They may not be your best Animal Jam friend, you at least consider them as good friends. 

9. The Mutual Buddy: You may have no clue who they are, but if they're your friend's friend, it's enough. Plus, you have a good time together and that's all that matters. 

10. The Best Buddy: You know who they are and they're definitely your favourite type of people. You do everything with this Jammer from trading to roleplaying to expressing opinions. You just cannot wait for this person to get online. 


  1. Talking about Trump in picture 9?

  2. lolz can u buddy me im not biased i'm a blogger too, and I rlly look up to ur blog (its fine if ur buddy list is full I know the struggle) im koolkid505 (I check here every time i want to know what an item is worth)

  3. thanks for u help! i've been looking for something to see what party hats are worth!!

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