Sunday, June 30, 2013

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Scary Bat Wings

     Scary Bat Wings are a non-member version of the original Wings. It only came in 1 colour: black with orange tips. They were only available in October 2010, and now are one of the rarest items. You can win Scary Bat Wings in Sky High. The Scary Bat Wings' rarity has gone down like crazy. They used to be worth a Long Yellow Spike Collar, but now they're not even worth a Pirate Sword. A ton of people want these wings, especially non-members. But they rarity of the Scary Bat Wings might drop down because of the game Sky High, since you can win them there. If you have Scary Bat Wings, hang on to them until you get an overtrade for them (someone overtraded me a Pink Mechanical Angel Helmet, Arctic Hood, and some junk for my Scary Bat Wings). Some Jammers do not know that these Scary Bat Wings' rarity have gone down. 


  1. I have scary bat wings and freedom wings no need to brag srry if I offend you by bragging but its true im very beta again sry for bragging BYE!

    1. really? do u really have to do that? i mean come on. just read your post over

  2. they are still very rare only on rare occasions can u win them on sky high I have gotten to the top of sky high 3 times in a row in like 20 min and got nothing good

  3. I have freedom wings dude! And BTW, Scary bat wings were sold on rare item monday like a week ago.

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