Sunday, May 25, 2014

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Neon Bow And Arrows

     In Animal Jam, I've seen people with NEON BOW AND ARROWS. And do you get those from Adventures, or does Animal Jam only gift them to specific players? I think getting them from Adventures is more likely. I have no idea how rare they are, so I probably won't be doing a rare post on them. They're probably worth Long Bows. 
They are worth: 
Rare Long Spike Wristband
Rare Party Hat (certain colours like red or white)
Red Brick Walls
Mira Statue
Spaceship Walls
Mechanical Angel Helmets (certain colours like blue or black)
If you don't know how they look, they look like this:

     They're dark turquoise with neon-ish blue strings. If you have any thoughts, comment below.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Pigtails

     The Pigtails of Animal Jam are quite rare items, but since they're back in Adventures, not so much. They were very rare before they came back. They are a member head item, worn by land animals only. There is a rare version, but it's a Rare Item Monday, which isn't worth much. Certain colours are worth different things: 

Black -  Rare Long Spike Collar, Open Sign, Moon Dirt, Spaceship Gray, Red Brick Walls (a little more), Gazelle Horns (black)

Red - Rare Long/Short Spike Collar, Pot O' Gems, Gazelle Horns (certain colours), Mechanical Angel Helmet (blue or tan)

Yellow - Rare Short Spike Collar, Mira Statue (a little bit more), Gazelle Horns (certain colours), Mechanical Angel Helmet (certain colours), Sewing Machine

Pink - Rare Short Spike Collar, 2 River Race, Rhino Helmet (certain colours), Mechanical Angel Helmet (pink), Rosebush, Firepit

Rare: Rare Mechanical Angel Helmet, Rare Bow and Arrows (you may have to add), Rare Headdress, Rare Tie (a little bit more)

Alternate colours (that came out in Adventures): Other coloured Pigtails, Mechanical Angel Helmet, Spike Collar (long or short, depends)


Alternate coloured Pigtails

Rare Pigtails

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Animal Jam - Eagle Adventures (Spikes?)

     Hello Jammers, and the new eagle adventures are pretty big in Jamaa. I want to ask you guys if you could win rare spikes there. Can you? Have anyone one of you done it? Some say it's a rumour, but some say they've won them. If you have, spikes aren't going to be rare anymore. Which is a good thing for most people, but a bad one for rare Jammers.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Animal Jam - (Updates) - New Animal Coming

     I keep forgetting to do this post, so here it is. A new animal is coming to Animal Jam, and I'm not happy. I was wishing for a moose or something, but this animal looks like an ape. A lot of Jammers thought it was a hyena, even though I don't really see the resemblance (where the heck did people get that?).

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - Starroxy ~Generated Items~

     Starroxy, a super rare Jammer generated some items. Here is some proof:

That colour of Mechanical Angel Helmet doesn't exist. There is pink, but not light pink/peach.

That colour of Mechanical Angel Helmet doesn't exist either! Even though I really want green, it's not an actual item.

White Pigtails aren't an item in Animal Jam. There are only 4 colours: red, pink, black, and yellow.

Teal Pigtails don't exist...

This colour is like a sausage colour, and may look like red, but it isn't. 

Orange Gazelle Horns? Nope, doesn't exist.

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Spaceship Gray

     Spaceship Gray wallpaper is also referred as Spaceship Walls. This item is extremely rare, one of the rarest of all BETAs. It was released in the BETA times and was priced at 500 gems each. This is a member-only land wallpaper. Spaceship Gray is a gray spaceship wallpaper, with a hole that shows stars. Many of the rarest Jammers have this item. Spaceship Gray is a great item if you have a spaceship den! Here is what it's worth:

2 Rare Long Spike Collar (or 1 black collar)
2 Black Beards with red tip  (a little more)
Open Sign (a little more)
Red Brick Walls (a little more)
About 2 Mira Statues
2 Firepits
2 Blue Shag Carpets
2 Planet Walls
2 Yellow Sweets
2 Pink Forest Walls (a little more)
Moon Dirt
2 Blue Mechanical Angel Helmet (a little more, other person has to add)
Pot O' Gems (more, maybe/maybe not 2)