Friday, February 21, 2014

Animal Jam - (Fan Art) - Piece #1

     You asked for it, and here it is: The very first Animal Jam Fan Art on this blog! I've gotten plenty of e-mails with pieces of art attached to them. 

First place (by PenguinFamily):

Second place (by FindYourPurse):

Third place (by thepeoplemag):

Remember, you can always submit drawings through e-mail:

First place prize: Artist Plague
Second place prize: Diamond Earrings 
Third place prize: Knight helmet

These prizes are subject to change depending on what I have.


  1. holy shit the first drawing is difficult

  2. i love the drawings, but maybe make the prizes a little more up to the drawings standers? what i mean by that is the prizes should be worth what the drawing is :)

    1. I agree with u the prizes should be worth a little more ^

  3. wolfwuv3000 on aj :D13 March 2014 at 04:52

    I ahve 2 artist plaques :D if I get 1st place can I have a dif prize? I ahve been saving a really EPIC piece of art for this site thx plz email ur reply back to me at or or :D lol don't get 2 carried away with the emails (jk go on ahead and spam me)

  4. If you want I can make you fan art on aj just let me know. sadly I don't have a email yet but I can still give you some art on aj :3
    User: Bluetreeble

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