Monday, September 29, 2014

Why I Don't Feature Other People Or Their Accomplishments On My Blog

      Well, that was a super long title. Anyways, let's get to the point. The reason why I don't feature other Jammers or their accomplishments on my blog is because people ask for them, but don't really care once I post. Once I post for them, they feel like nothing's happened. A lot of other blogs do this kind of thing, such as snowyclaw who features people's Animal Jam Music Videos or something else. 

     The different between someone featured on, let's say, the Animal Jam Spirit and someone getting featured on my blog's reaction is different. People who get featured on Animal Jam Spirit are much happier and much more ecstatic when featured, but on mine, not so much. What's the difference? You're featured on a blog, shouldn't people at least be happy? This is why I probably won't do a lot of this, and might never will. Animal Jam isn't supposed to be a discriminating community! If you really want me to feature you on your blog, your dreams aren't crush yet! I can feature you, only if you really want to (I mean, REALLY want to). 


  1. I would LOVED to be featured! Like REALLY love to be featured.
    Im foxlove1298, Follow me on Instagram (My use on Instagram is Foxlove1298)

    1. Don't have Instagram, but would put into consideration.

  2. Oh Thank you!

  3. I highly advise getting instagram. We already have a little community, and you could teach some people some really useful aj stuff. But anyways, I approve of not advertising videos on your blog, because when someone posts a lilac video on a famous blog, it feels like they're advertising.

  4. hi can u advertise i will put a link to ur blog on mine. deal?

  5. hi can u advertise i will put a link to ur blog on mine. deal?

  6. Okay, that is interesting and thank you for your suggestion. I have a blog for my human resources degree online and i am working hard for that