Friday, February 28, 2014

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Robot

     The Robot is quite a famous rare. This is a members-only BETA. It's an animated item, and the robots' lights flash different colours from yellow to green, green to yellow, etc. Additionally, it moves it arms around randomly. It's mainly blue, with yellow feet and "hands." Now, onto what the item is worth:

Short/Long Spike Collar
Blue Shag Carpet
Yellow Sweets
Porch Swing (a little more)
Planet walls
First Birthday Cake (a little more, for now)
RC Car
BETA Table
Mira Statue 
Zios Sculpture

Animal Jam - (Rares) - River Race

     Animal Jam's River Race is not a very common rare. River Race is not a BETA game; but it is gone from Animal Jam and only the game remains. That means you have to have the actual game to play it. It only comes in one form, and is green in colour. Here's what it's worth:

BETA Tiara
BETA Table
Wood Floor (depending on person)
Long/Short Spike Wristband (really hard to get a person to accept)
First Birthday Cake
Cami's Frog
AJHQ Plague
Fish Fountain
Close to a BETA Robot
Yellow Sweets (you may have to add)
Blue Shag Carpet (you may have to add)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Animal Jam - (Fan Art) - Piece #1

     You asked for it, and here it is: The very first Animal Jam Fan Art on this blog! I've gotten plenty of e-mails with pieces of art attached to them. 

First place (by PenguinFamily):

Second place (by FindYourPurse):

Third place (by thepeoplemag):

Remember, you can always submit drawings through e-mail:

First place prize: Artist Plague
Second place prize: Diamond Earrings 
Third place prize: Knight helmet

These prizes are subject to change depending on what I have.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Promotion: Matt's Mats!

    It's Matt's Mats! Matt's Mats is a fun way to bring life to your kids! They open up many opportunities by playing in Matt's Mats! In days, you will see your child is getting either healthier, lazier, or dumber! Matt's Mats is at a very affordable price at: $9.99 per mat! To order online, please visit! We will see you there! Matt's Mats also has a huge quantity of mats at many available stores near your location! 

Matt's Mats!
Guaranteed to bring laughter and fun for the whole family!

Conditions apply.
See store or online for details.

© Copyright 2014

Official commercial: 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Animal Jam - pennybunny's Wedding!

     Yay! pennybunny just had a wedding! She was married to popcornfan2014; and they had a royal ceremony with cake and dancing! 

Walking up the isle

Finally husband and wives!

The cake is being served!

Eating cake


Wedding Certificate

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Zios Sculpture

     Animal Jam's BETA Zios Sculpture was released the same time as the Mira Statue. It's a member-only BETA. It looks like a mask of Zios. Here is what it's worth:
Mira Statue
Flower Carpet (maybe more)
Blue Shag Carpet
Planet Walls
Pink Forest Walls
BETA Robot
BETA Tiara (a little more)
Short Spike Collars (certain colours, but hardly anyone will do the trade)
BETA Blue Table (a little more)
BETA Blanket (a little more

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Flower Carpet

     The BETA Flower Carpet was released in BETA times. The price was 150 gems and was sold in Jam Mart. It only comes in one form, as like many other BETA carpets, it is a members-only item. The flower on the BETA Flower Carpet looks like a pink lotus, but that's just my opinion. This is what it's worth:

Fish Fountain
Zios Sculpture
Mira Statue (you may have to add)
Blue Shag Carpet (you may have to add)
Long Spike Wristband (certain colours)
Pink Forest Walls
Blue Vines Carpet
RC Car

Animal Jam - (Jammers) - FluffyTheGoat

     FluffyTheGoat is not a very famous Jammer. She isn't rare, but She's BETA. She owns 6 Mira Statues, 2 Zios Sculptures, at least 1 Blue Shag Carpet, at least 1 Red Brick Walls, BETA Blue Table, and Porch Swing are just a few to name. She likes dressing funny because she finds it strangely BETA-looking. The masks are what makes her look like a boy. FluffyTheGoat's den is always open, so it's your pleasure to use it at anytime. If it's locked, FluffyTheGoat explains that she is doing a clan thing. She doesn't reply to much Jam-a-Grams, either because she's lazy or can't say it with the restricted Jam-a-Gram chat.

     Honestly, she's probably very nice. I cannot find any evidence if FluffyTheGoat has scammed, but it is very unlikely. If any of you Jammers know more about this vivid Jammer, please let me know in the comments. 

Monday, February 03, 2014

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Rocking Horse

      The Rocking Horse is a brown-ish rocking horse. It only comes in 1 form. In the BETA days, this item was priced at 80 gems. This is what it's worth:

BETA Table
Fish Fountain (you may have to add)
Non-rare headdress (maybe a bit more)
Artist Plague
Howl Plague
Wood Floor 
Rare Lionfish Armour
Gecko Banner (maybe a bit more)
Basketball (other person has to add)

Honestly, this item is not talked about very often; but it is a common BETA. A ton of BETA Jammers that a multiple copies of this item.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Animal Jam - (Updates) - Eagles Are Coming!

     A few days ago, I found out that eagles are coming to Jamaa. Now, I'm usually excited when new animals were coming; but this animal shows that AJHQ possesses PURE DISCRIMINATION against other countries except USA.You should all believe in equality. Yes, I get it that National Geographic is American, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it is the unfair treatment of other countries including Canada, Bahamas, Scotland, Madagascar, Malawi, Poland; the list could go on forever! It seems as though Animal Jam is promoting racism and oppression for their Jammers, and that is definitely unfriendly! Animal Jam may seem like a nice game, but in reality, not so much... 

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Pot O' Gems

     Pot O' Gems is an uncommon BETA. It's basically a blue and yellow pot with multicoloured gems in it. This item only comes in one form. It is worth:

Non-member Tan Carpet
Short/Long Spike Collar (certain colours)
Open Sign
Non-rare Mechanical Angel Helmet
Red Brick Walls
Spaceship Walls
BETA Rosebush
BETA Robot

Honestly, this item is hard to find (go to Aldan if you want to). The list above doesn't list all the items it's worth. But it should be worth an item that is equal to the items on the list.