Thursday, February 05, 2015

Owls Are Here But Not New Animal Slots

     I know that a million people are super excited for the owl. To be honest, I am too. But the fact that Animal Jam didn't make new animal slots saddens me. First of all, AJHQ has always made new animal slots so you can have one of every animal. When they released the polar bear, I couldn't wait for the bear and the new animal slots. Sadly, they didn't make new slots.

     Now that the owl has been released, they still haven't. Even though the owl is a really cool animal and all, I think that they should up their gigabyte game a bit. I get that it costs money to buy storage and such, but that's why people pay for the game, is it not? 

     Even though I have enough diamonds to buy the owl (37), I won't really be happy getting it. Why can't Animal Jam just make new slots? It's kinda unfair, if you ask me.

     Enough with the slot problem, let's move onto the owl. It costs 10 diamonds and is the SECOND flying animal. It's not the best in looks, unfortunately. The owl animal is as small as a bunny for some bizarre reason.


  1. I know this is your opinion, so don't get any misunderstandings, but, I thought that the owl was really cute. Also, how did you get that many diamonds?

  2. What I really think of owls wearing rare long spike collars. Any colour.
    Jk but their play is the only best action :l
    So i hate owls.
    Their shit.
    But I love the new den c:

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  5. No one fucking cares Lydia.

  6. I have checked out Lydia's blog and it is amazing. You have right to talk about another's persons website like its crap because we don't even know if you play animal jam or if you just came to trash talk a little kid. I bet you don't have a website because you are too busy talking crap about little kids. #yousuck