Monday, October 26, 2015

Animal Jam - (Updates) - NEW Arctic Fox Animal

     Animal Jam is about to release a new animal: the arctic fox. Will this be similar to the fox? Will this animal even be similar to the arctic wolf? Will this animal even replace the popularity of the arctic wolf? That I doubt so, but it will be a runner up in the most popular animals in Animal Jam history. Hopefully, this animal will actually look like the actual animal, because, in my opinion, the latest animals haven't been doing quite so. 

      The title may be misleading ("a nu animal, BOO!!"), for, indeed, it's not a scary animal. I would've expected a tarantula, but, nope, it is an arctic fox, according to online sources. I realize it says there is a clue in Jamaa, but seriously, that clue is hard to find. 


  1. Hey, its not a Arctic fox... Aj has foxes already! jeez...

  2. It is an Arctic Fox. The clue is where you would expect it to be. ARCTIC Fox. ;)

  3. Why do we need arctic foxes if you could just make ur fox white?
    geez louise

    1. I know, right? Even a red panda is a better idea, since you can just change a raccoon, but a red panda is a lot better than just fattening up a fox.

    2. Right? AJHQ has a tendency to repeat their animals.

  4. Where are the clues even? so confused >.<


  6. My user is Jamer9721

  7. Actually the clue is in Mt Shieevers, there is this stone near the slide and the picture of the arctic fox is there. I like to keep track of updates

  8. I honestly think Arctic Foxes shouldn't have been added to Animal Jam, ESPECIALLY with their current design.
    AJHQ- Hey, guys got any new animal ideas?!
    Employee- Well the Arctic Wolf is still a hit
    Employee 2- Yea, and so is the Fox!
    AJHQ- If only there was an animal like them... OH YEA ARCTIC FOXES! Hey design crew! Got any ideas?! They are due... 5 minutes from now!
    Crew- Spits out Coffee
    Five minutes later...
    Crew- We did it! It's fluffy!
    AJHQ- How did you do it?!
    Crew- Well, we just put got a fox and gave it a Racoon's Head!
    AJHQ- ... GENIUS!

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