Saturday, January 30, 2016

Animal Jam - (Shops) - Basement of Secrets

     Animal Jam has finally put an Easter egg into the game. You may have wondered where this area leads to in the Chamber of Knowledge. 

     No, you can't exactly just go down from it. You need to access this secret location by clicking on a specific spot on the Jamaa map. 

     This is the spot, and if you can't get it the first time, make sure to keep trying because it may take a few clicks to get it. Once you have accomplished that, you'll probably be led to an area that looks very similar to the Chamber of Knowledge. This place is titled 'Basement of Secrets.'

     At least there are items to buy in here. Technically, the Basement of Secrets is a shop! There are only 3 items (currently) that you can purchase from this shop. 

     However, the Basement of Secrets does lead to an interesting question: How is that specific place on the map even connected to the bottom of the Chamber of Knowledge? Could there be an underground tunnel that could connect the two? Perhaps we shall never find out.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Animal Jam - AJHQ's Animal Jam Account

     Apparently, AJHQ plays Animal Jam as well. Well, that is very unexpected. Could they possibly be the rarest Jammer? Haha, maybe in time. Just so you people know, Ajhq does not seem rare and I don't know if they'll send you gifts or Jam-a-Grams and whatnot. 

     As you can see, Ajhq's 'main' animal is the penguin (and its only animal too). Ajhq is not accepting buddy requests at the moment. A lot of Jammers are posting on their Jammer Wall. You can block and/or report this user. Currently, this account does not have many achievements. In case you don't believe this is AJHQ's actual account, here's some reliable proof (just so you know this is not based on any fallacious reasoning whatsoever). 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Animal Jam - (Rares) - Nature Archway

     The Nature Archway is a member den item. It was the July 2012 monthly member gift. These items have gone up a lot because they used to be worth less than a Rare Bow and Arrows. There are 4 types: flower, vine, lava, and ice. The flower Nature Archway is said to be worth the most because of its looks. Nevertheless, this item is still worth quite a lot. 

Flower Nature Archway: 
Short Spike Collar (maybe a long if you're lucky)
10 den BETAs 
Red or Blue Party Hat (you may have to add) 
Headdress (you may have to add)
AJHQ Plaque (a little more) 

Vine Nature Archway: 
Short Spike Collar (maybe a long, but hard to find) 
Elf Tail Armour (a little more) 
9 den BETAs
Blue or Green Party Hat

Ice Nature Archway: 
Long Spike Wristband (possibly a Short Spike Collar)
Neon Bow and Arrows
7 den BETAs
Elf Tail Armour 

Lava Nature Archway:
Long Spike Wristband 
Pink Party Hat 
7 den BETAs
Elf Tail Armour

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Animal Jam - Types Of Buddies

     Everyone has buddies on Animal Jam. However, all of us have to agree that some are better than others. Some are over-the-top nice and others are could work on their manners. Here it is, the list you've all been waiting for: types of buddies. 

1. The Trading Buddy: These people friended you solely because they wanted an item of yours. These type of buddies are usually permanent, especially if you enjoy trading. 

2. The Buddy Out Of Nowhere: These people are your buddies, but you have no idea where they came from. You literally do nothing with these players and you can't seem to remember how they even ended up on your friend list. 

3. The Beggar Buddy: These buddies are better off your friend list than on. The only reason they wanted to be your 'friend' is because they need you to give them that spike they've always wanted. 

4. The Clueless Friend: Jammers like these have only buddied you because they have no clue on how to play the game. They may be annoying since the only thing they do is follow you around and ask you how to do the simplest of things. 

5. The Cool Buddy: These people are your good friends, not your best, but good enough. Together, you play Adventures, trade, go to each other's dens, roleplay, and talk about stuff. These players make your heart a little bit warmer. 

6. The Clanmate: These type of buddies only apply to people in clans and roleplayers. You've probably roleplayed with these people a million times (and counting). 

7. The Biased Buddy: These Jammers only buddy you because you're rare or famous. Honestly, it's a pretty biased way of gaining buddies and people should never do things out of prejudice, whether it be in Animal Jam or the real world. 

8. The Real Life Friend: These are the few Jammers you know and trust. They may not be your best Animal Jam friend, you at least consider them as good friends. 

9. The Mutual Buddy: You may have no clue who they are, but if they're your friend's friend, it's enough. Plus, you have a good time together and that's all that matters. 

10. The Best Buddy: You know who they are and they're definitely your favourite type of people. You do everything with this Jammer from trading to roleplaying to expressing opinions. You just cannot wait for this person to get online. 

Friday, January 01, 2016

Animal Jam - Types of Jammers

     Here are some types of Jammers you would see while playing Animal Jam. So, basically, I'm stereotyping every single player. Thanks for letting me roast you.
1. The Newbie: We've all seen the newbie before. You were probably one too all those days ago. These people are sometimes annoying as they constantly ask for help. 

2. The Beggar: Possibly the most annoying and irritating people on Animal Jam, the beggar begs for all your items. What's worse is that they expect you to send the item to them. 

3. The Crybaby: These Jammers will trade anything for that spike they want. However, their offers are usually pretty bad. You feel bad for them, but can't do anything about it. Then they feel the need to pry that item out of you by making you feel worse (ahem, by using the crying emoticon). Good thing you can block players. 

4. The Rare Jammer: Jammers like these stand out more than others. Their entire wardrobe is full of rare or wanted items. They usually have a habit of trying to advertise their trade list by saying, "Trade me, might accept!". But, let's be real, they never do. 

5. The Rare Item Monday Jammer: A long name that describes many people, the Rare Item Monday Jammer has only Rare Item Monday items on their trade list. The weird part is, they think that stuff is rare. So, they usually try to trade Rare Item Mondays for den BETAs or even spikes. Rare Item Mondays are a great way to get rare but definitely not something that will get you what you want immediately. 

6. The Scammer: Scamming used to be the biggest thing and the most over-complained thing in the history of Animal Jam.  There are a plenitude of videos made regarding just scammers. These Jammers are extremely easy to identify since almost all the scammer tactics were exposed. Scamming's just not going to work anymore, buddy. 

7. The Gamer: The only things these people do is game and game (and game some more). I'm not talking about playing Animal Jam itself, I'm referring to those who play the games found in the Sol Arcade. And, trust me, their achievements show it off. 

8. The Adventure Animal: Thank goodness Adventures were created because, without them, these players would not exist! Not only do these Jammers have multiple high-level animals, they have a ton of rares as well from Adventures. 

9. The Roleplayer: These Jammers roleplay like it's their life. Roleplaying is a great way to pass time in Animal Jam, but these people do it way too often. Jammers like these join a bunch of different clans and invite their friends to roleplay with them as well. These players are literally all over Sarepia Forest. 

10. The Trader: I would classify so many Jammers as 'the trader' simply because I see these people all over Jamaa Township (especially in the server, Aldan). Rare or non-rare, traders make up most of the players of Animal Jam. They spend hours in an area just trying to make a deal. 

11. The Addict: Some people in Animal Jam are simply addicted to the game. Most traders and even roleplayers are addicts. These Jammers spend at least 6 hours on the game each day. Seriously, Animal Jam keeps them up at night and gets them up in the morning. 

     Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed! I know there are many more types of Jammers out there and a second list may have to be made. Are you guilty of being one of these Jammers? I know I am.