Thursday, January 22, 2015

Animal Jam - (Dens) - Greely's Hideout

     Greely Hideout, a pretty evil-looking den, is on the market for 7 diamonds. Sure, it's quite expensive, but you have to look at what you're getting in order to decide if this den is truly for you. 

    It's a underground den–no surprise there. You go to your left and down, down, down into what looks like pits of lava. There are purple pipes are there to make sure you don't touch that boiling lava! There are also a few rooms where you can place villainous items too. Once you reach the top room, there will be a slide for you to slide down on. So I guess most Animal Jam dens have childish features... I have to admit that slide is pretty fun.

     As you keep descending, there will be some rocky stairs where you can go down into 'deep hell,' you might say. You'll see some bridges here and there, but the center of all this, Greely's lava mouth.  Don't let yourself touch that thing, you could become corrupted.

     Now, you go back up. There are numerous rooms that you can place items in and caves of precious amethyst. At the very top, you'll see a haunted castle looking thing. Is that the phantom king's castle? Maybe AJHQ will release a den and/or adventure looking just like that! Or perhaps we'll never know...


  1. Its so awesome! But I wish they had like a free trial of it for a week or something. Tbh, it does kind of look like the underworld... o.e

  2. this kind of stuff is in he search for greely adventure (that's why it's called greely's hideout)

  3. Awesome! Could you do a Beach House review? That would be amazing! -Thanks!

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