Friday, January 23, 2015

Animal Jam - Rare Item Thursday?!

     Yes, yes, I know it's a Friday, but yesterday, AJHQ released a new rare: the Rare Pink Purse! It has a dark pink body and baby blue straps. Maybe someone hacked into AJHQ and released it? Or an AJHQ employee accidentally released it before the release date? Anyhow, I think it will be re-released again on Monday, don't you? This is quite peculiar though. The good news is that it's available for non-members too! It costs 850 gems and could be the new fashion statement (although I doubt it).


  1. Actually meian, this IS the new fashin statement. I cant belive it either.

  2. them new trends I tell ya sunny they comin soon

    1. idk what im doing XD

  3. Rare item Mondays are kinda cheap.

  4. if i were gonna do a rare item monday i would make the items price match there value like if i was selling a rare black long spike its price would be dunno maybe 4000 or 6000 or a headdress would be 2000

  5. Can I have a cami frog my user is duchesschillybunny

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