Monday, January 05, 2015

Animal Jam - (Parties) - New Year's Party 2015

     Every new year, Animal Jam hosts a New Year's Party. And every year, it's almost the same, except the items are a bit different. The cold icy snow fort hosts the New Year's party. With fun slides, delectable foods, extravagant music, and beautiful landscape, this party will surely amuse you (and then you'll get bored after 5 minutes). 

     There are 2 slides at the party, a fun one, and a boring one. The icy coldness is sure to make you shiver! Be sure to wear a warm coat before going on. Trust me, it has the potential to freeze your butt! Wait, no it doesn't. Mind you that this is just a game.

     And of course, the "food"! Or you may call them clickables. These are able to spice up your time at the party on any day (no, not really)! There are 2 clickables–the lollipop and the cake. 

      Don't forget the music! The party may be there for you to look at, but your ears play a huge role too. The music is sure to cheer you up when you're feeling glum. Why not dance to this whimsical tune as you party with your friends? 

     Then there's the landscape. Such a beautiful sky to look at. Also, a secret hidden castle. Too bad Animal Jam did not allow us to explore it. Who knows who's inside it? Is it haunted? Even though you can't do THAT, you can stare up at the starry skies. The bright and loud fireworks are there flashing before your eyes. With an assortment of fireworks, there's no wonder that the New Year's Party IS the place to be! 


  1. Awesome, Meian! I love this party. My favourite item would have to be the new years hat. I was just thinking about this the other day, do you thonk in the future, the new years celebration hat will be rare? Ps, when is the next blog spot office contest? It would be an honour if we had another bsc. ~Arianalover4life.

    1. Oh, I don't know. I usually raise polls. Last time I did, me doing a rare item giveaway won. So who knows when the next time will be? But I appreciate your input! I'll definitely take it into consideration.

  2. I love the party 2 shame it is only once a year! :( unfortunstley I was sick this year and I missed it pooop nvm eh!! ;-/

  3. ikr me too I had ebola
    :( add me im lemonzcloud

  4. Guys the 2016 party U CAN MAKE UR OWN PARTIES AND THEY SELL BETAS!!!??? Add me: im boomhi45, if not jag me and i blog on mah Jammer Wall.