Friday, January 09, 2015

Animal Jam - (Parties) - Bounce House Party

      The Bounce Horse Party is a great way to hop your way to happiness! It was amazing effects and cool items for sale. The Bounce House Party will promise you joy and delight! 

      Let's start off with the first coolest thing–you don't need to 'hop' to actually bounce. The bounce house forces you to jump, no matter what animal! Gee, it's pretty fun!

       Then there's the shop, which sells inflatable-looking items. There's the inflatable lamps, sofas, and some others. You can change the colour of the items too. Mind you that they DO NOT make you hop when you place it in your den (such a shame). 

      Next, there's the slides. They're pretty boring though, mainly because they are very short, and you can't extract much fun from them. Oh well... They also do not make you hop when you go on one. That would be just strange... and fun at the same time! 

     The last–and the most boring–part of the party are just the relaxation areas. There are some inflatable couches to sit on. Here, just chill and loosen up.

     In conclusion, the party is pretty fun–for the first 5 minutes. Trust me, when I was done taking all these pictures, it was getting pretty boring and tame. But what do you expect? All Animal Jam parties keep you busy for 3-5 minutes and then becomes uninteresting. 


  1. I agree, parties always seem really fun, but they get boring. Maybe one day jamaa should have a contest on how to make aj parties beeter. But this was one of my fave parties, tbh. I wish this was a den. xD And yhey should atleast have alot of nm den items, even though aj members are one of the reasons aj is still a game. ~Arianalover4life

    1. ikr it should be a den that would be EPIC. I just love going to this party with my friends. Its sad that nms only have 1 item to get there though. I hope you and many more ppl have fun :D. ~Pattypanpawpaw

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  3. What do I like about the bounce house? THINK of how popular our birthday parties would be if we won this? Everyone would think we had the BEST parties!! The kids would be insane for it. bounce house rentals